Believing In Miracles Of life …

Sitting on the sofa everyday and thinking will this ever end ? Staring at the empty Wall , Searching for Hope .. Why Me ? Why ? Asking this question again and again But have no Answer within .. After Staring at the Wall for whole night and crying for no reason . Why ? An answer i needed , Numbness in my body no effects or feeling But having a little Faith to move High .. Faith is what kept me going , they thought i was acting weird but i knew what was inside .. A mask i wore to show i was happy and fine But within was Discomfort telling me this was a lie .. It All started when “SHE” Died . stilling wondering Did she really died ? After 4 year in depression searching for guidance and a lot of confusing arising within Asking ” Is this only me – Or are there any ? Who can understand me ? ” .

But slowly as time passed i found myself in despair , feeling myself disconnected to my inner-voice . It tried to speak many time But it was me who never hear . Recalling Those night when no one heard my sound of cry .. It was deep seated fear to be myself again . Hope was lost So was I , Finding an Answer Outside . Lack of self-Stem , Confidence , And with A broken heart i tried .. But there was something that kept me going , A voice in stillness That said do not fear .. I AM HERE . That’s what kept me going . Found out the answer today And willing to Guide Others ..

Life Is just amazing . Just Connect with the NOW , that is here ..

I consider myself blessed as i faced my fear , It was Depression that bought me Near to here .. A Believing person never Fear because he knows that there is Someone Hearing The Sounds of Tear ….

Depression Was a blessing for me , I wan’t to inform all those Out there Depressed , Don’t fear Because now i am hear to listen to your fear .

On the Path to Enlightenment , There are ups and downs but the one who Trust and Have hope Along with Patience makes there Journey worth ..

Being Grateful is the Key to Start . I am Grateful to have those Depression period in my life .

— My true life – Abdul Gani Punjabi.

44 thoughts on “Believing In Miracles Of life …

      1. Dear Patty,
        I went through the same phase you mentioned in your article. The period of excitement to the period of suicide. Yes, it was difficult. Difficult because life at that time seemed to me as “STUCK”. I just had One Question – “Why Me”.. Sometimes i think it’s better to ask, So that we may receive the answer. Yes, i got my answer as life is going by, its not like someone calls me and tell me the answer- But we need to find it ourself.
        Yes, sometime things seems all perfect. And other time it may get more worse. I have went through “Mood swings” from hardest to the worst.. But yes, every single day thought me something but i was not able to understand. I lost my focus, concentration, and the path.. And my relationship with others were getting worse. Most of the time, i “Acted” as a cool guy. But it does not help – Because deep down we know we are faking it.
        Yeah, it was a tough period for me, and for Everyone who is facing depression. But somewhere we “StOp” and tell ourselves “This is not me” and that’s when we start to find ourselves. Through introspecting ourselves. Find the root, because the cure lies there..
        Everyday is a new day and a blessed day, we need to “Create” our vision of life. So that we may have a map – Something we can hold onto..
        Things get difficult but yes it’s worth living each seconds ❤..
        I hope you went through my articles, One of the story i wrote is of a girl who had “depression” and how she survived..
        Thank you for connecting..
        Peace 😊😇

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      2. It takes strength to overcome such phases in life and I am happy you also share stories to help others to overcome and give them the feeling not being alone.
        Pleasure to meet you, XxX

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  1. It doesn’t work while one is depressed. I know what’s wrong, I know how to cure the issue, but I cannot get it done because I need treatment abroad. Well, the only problem is money. Nothing else. There are so many treatable conditions, unfortunately, one cannot get a normal healthcare if it is free, like in Canada. The Dr. quickly mentioned they could do something more, but … That is not covered. So, it goes.Impossibility to recover and meds cause depression. Pain feeds on depression. Bank account is at zero because of inability to work. Cannot file for support because no family doctor. There just aren’t any who accept patients. I contacted the Ministry of Health. They told they were not responsible for staffing and doctors’ actions. They can do as they please. So, it never ends. I certainly hoped on miracle, but, unfortunately, I cannot ignore what is happening in reality. This reality requires something to be done.

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    1. i hope you go through my blog .. And specially read the blod “Just One more day” .. And let me know how you felt after reading all the 3 parts. (It will hardly take 10 min, but it will change your entire perspective on life) do let me know how you found it…
      Thank you for taking efforts and letting me know your opinion 😊


  2. Well, it’s been 4 years. I have medical education, as well, but I cannot do a surgery for myself. Basically, it’s connected, like I said before, I need to somehow make the money for the surgery and fix. It’s been 4 difficult years with a lot of pain. It was a mistreatment. Dr. did not pay attention and didn’t listen. I am trying to find a way to fix this issue which is a complication from previous surgery, however, this complication cannot be resolved with the current treatment, only somewhat kept ok. I will some time read and have a look, I’m rushing a few paintings. I need to sell something in order to send cards to Latvia, to family.

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    1. There have been a lot and a lot of change from then … Every single thing was planned by the Almighty God… Life is Beautiful.. Blessing are always there… But indeed man is “Ungrateful”.

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  3. Working hard actually every day whenever I have less pain. No financial returns. Well, cannot buy more supplies for art, I will have to wait until something sells. The weather is nice, I can take pictures today. Financial issues are the biggest trouble.
    Certainly, count the blessings! It is a good advise when nothing too bad happens. Do you have a “like”button somewhere? It is not enough time always to write a comment.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your view 😊.. Yes there is a “like” button.. It depend how are you using wordpress (Mobile or laptop)


  4. Really inspiring… its true when a sudden incident happens, even it was expected, we will be depressed, but realization , that ‘its from the Allah the Almighty, and he only can do the best for me and he is the intelligent planner who plans each circumstances for a reason’ , and Alhamdulillah u realized and come out of that depression.and that depression was for strengthening and polishing you to work for him, the Almighty. Masha Allah ..
    while i was reading this, these ayahs came to my mind, strong ayahs, which make the believer strong to face all hardships
    وَلَنَبْلُوَنَّكُم بِشَيْءٍ مِّنَ الْخَوْفِ وَالْجُوعِ وَنَقْصٍ مِّنَ الْأَمْوَالِ وَالْأَنفُسِ وَالثَّمَرَاتِ ۗ وَبَشِّرِ الصَّابِرِينَ –
    And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient,
    الَّذِينَ إِذَا أَصَابَتْهُم مُّصِيبَةٌ قَالُوا إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ –
    Who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.”

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