Are you the Horse or the Jockey?

Think once again of what i asked …

Who run in the race ?

Who prepare himself for the race ?

Who gets the final reward ?

Who should get the final reward ?

The day you gets idea about how powerful you are.. You will fight for the reward you deserve… The Jockey does nothing but sit on the horse and put his little efforts and win…

But at last who is it – Who deserve the Medal and the reward ?

The Horse (YOU) Or the Jockey

Think about it again.

Dear Bloggers – Help me.

Heya !

I am trying to step out of India once i am done with my “Bachelor of management studies” next year. I have won no. Of quality certificate and have good experience in managing things.

Now please tell me, If i need job in your country “How can i apply ? What are the things required ? How to approach a company ? How much is the living cost ? And how is your country in education quality? “

I hope my bloggers will help me out. Will You ?