I wanna sleep below the open sky.. in the sahara..

.. I wanna dream in germany..

… Wanna blink my eyes in Austria..

.. Wanna breathe free air in Amazon..

…. Wanna wake up in Spain..

… Have my breakfast in Turkey..

… And my tea in Arabian Desert..

… With cuisine in Spain..

… Purchasing clothes from France..

… And my favourite watch from Japan..

.. and the best eye glasses from Hungary..

… With romantic shades of Paris..

.. I wanna walk with her in Vienna..

… And propose her in Finland..

… And kiss her in the land of dreams..

…. And climb with her on the world’s largest mountain.. Mt Everest afterall..

…. And to invite our families on the cruise I will own in Portugal ..

…. With snacks served in Hong Kong..

…. And the calming massage in Thailand..

..I wanna look into her eyes on the lunch in Netherlands…

.. With a plan of visiting our next destination in Poland..

… On our long drive towards Norway..

… In the world’s best car purchased from New-zealand..

… I wanna hug her tight in morroco..

… And have kids in canada..

… And pray dedicatedly in Ukraine..

..With the dreams to visit Italy..

… With my family who lives in Scotland currently..

.. I wanna play with my childrens in Iceland..

..And I wanna.. Meet my soulmates in Australia....

.. and exhale the purest air in Jordan..

… Visits the museums in Switzerland..

… and listen in the Russian accent..

… take a bus tour to Singapore..

… and a business meetings in Dubai..

… And initiate our plans in Sweden..

… with allies in America..

… and a peaceful speech in Israel..

…. with a peaceful death in Makkah..

… and get buried in beloved city of medina…

I wanna wake up… Everywhere yet nowhere..


— All rights reserved 14/08/2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi


Ways to motivate yourself…

1) Alone – Distraction is one of the way which lead us away from ourselves, so being alone for a short period of time helps us to get connected to our thoughts, emotions, and inner-voice. At first it might haunt you, but once you get comfortable being alone, then their is no better gift than being alone.

2) Nature – The freshness of the fields, the sunrise, and the pleasant sunset. Every single breathe we inhale remind us that we are alive, so focus on what we have and be motivated by how you can use what you have.

3) Connecting – The best form of love is in connecting with others willingly by pure heart. It can be human, or animals. It teaches us language is not a barrier. We connect deeply with those who understand us. So find like-minded people.

4) Writing – The best form of expression for creative mind when depressed is writing, when the mind is free to express – the stress gets released and new thoughts starts to takes place which results in new perspective and higher energy level.

5) Exercise – Moments – In human body depression is caused by lack of moments, when you know you can do better than your previous self, you start to stretch your current limitation and learn to take a step ahead.
Physical as well as mental exercise will set your mind free for new positive thoughts, and it will help in boosting your confidence.

6) Uplifting music – Our brain works in patterns, and this patterns are feeded into our mind subconscious. Music helps us to connect with our subconscious, and once we become aware of our pattern/habits we can consciously create new pattern.

7) Travelling – Adventure boost creativity, and boost our mind with positive thoughts. A simple walk in an open ground, or walk near a sea shore helps in clearing our negative thoughts. And a trek to an unknown place will make us realize that we are free, and independent. And it’s a blessing to give some time for ourselves.

8) Reading – Novel, Stories, Articles that are deep, and provide us with a new perspective is worth reading, than spending time on social media – scrolling aimlessly.

9) Past achievements – In constant persuasion of our dreams, we often forget our past achievements which acts as a fuel to our dreams. So sit somewhere and write down all your small-small achievements, and see yourself feeling fulfilled from within.

10) Change your friend circle – A negative mind breads negativity, and a single drop of poison can kill all the fishes in the pond. So surround yourself with people who understand you, support you, motivates you, and are willing to look the best in you. It might take sometime to find this kind of people but they are surely around you, so have patience and be the best, and the best will enter into your life..


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— Abdul Gani Punjabi


How I see my ideal self?

He make calls to his parents, siblings every once a week..

He learns something new every single day, and thats how his perspective changes..

He takes different paths to reach the same destination…

He is creating things he thought he would do one day..

He feels the tastes of food he eats, and clothes he wears, and accessories he acquire..

He looks within himself at night and tells himself his own story.. that he wants to create..

He makes efforts to make atleast 2 videos per month for his YouTube channel..

As soon as he gets inspired by anyone/anything he shares it on wordpress for others to experience it..

He review at the things he posts before posting them..

He is reading books he wished to read..

He is planning for things he thought one day he will plan..

He is changing himself everyday, bit by bit.. and forming a unique “HIM”..

His views are open on all topics, and he encourages people to express them..

He don’t judge anyone, instead he loves them with pure heart..

He tries to make a difference willingly in a joyful manner in his surrounding..

His behaviour and character is becoming the best of who he can be..

He Is in love, with the The Almighty for – he understand.. The Almighty have an amazing plan for him..

He is more aware about topics, and his connectivity is getting – Mind-blowing..

He is trying new stuff which he thought one day he will do..

He is taking adventures, he planned to take..

He is working part time, so he can afford his own expense

He feels safe in himself, and that makes his thoughts more clear and interesting..

He is getting filled with inner-light, whoever looks at him gets inspired..

He Is What he wants to be, and he is continuously pursuing his dream life that he is planning till his last breath..

He see opportunity when others see loss..

He makes people aware of their needs, and provide them solutions – When asked..

He is conscious of his time, thoughts, choices, acts, attitude and his mind..

#Ideal self..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi


You can.. Take Away..

.. The eyes I see with..

.. The heart with which I understand..

…. Ears with which I listen..

… Energy through which I walk..

…. Memories that you have gifted..

.. Provision that you have provided..

…. Clarity of thoughts with which you have made my life easy..

… The peace in my heart through which I get inspired..

… The hands with which I write..

… The legs with which I walk..

….. The tongue that Is eloquent..

… The breath which is stress free..

….. The liver that purifies ..

… The lips which makes me beautiful..

… The hairs that makes me look younger and handsome..

…. The beard that makes me look attractive..

….. The wisdom you have taught me..


… You can make me paralyze..

.. You can make me blind..

…. You can take away my family…

…. My skills and my talents…

… My understandings…

….. My connectivity..

…..My love..

… My creativity, and my forms of expressions..

… You can do infinite things with me right now..


You choose to bless me with every single thing of yours..

And still I am ungrateful..

Ya RAB (O Lord) Make me of those who understand your power and might.. and expand my heart with love of yours.. and provide me with the best in this world and the hereafter..

And make me of the believer and your grateful servant…

Yes.. It is all by his wish… !

May I align my wishes with his ❤

— Gratitude…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi


After years of silence I spoke..

I still remember the friendship we once had, you were understanding and I was mad..

… I did everything to show you my best, but I forgot – Imitation was the game I never learned so well..

.. We never met each other, but the promises we made – Forever we are friends, she said with great enthusiasm and care..

.. I said her the same, but words can’t describe emotions – So my emotions in words were emotionless..

.. We planned for the future, and told me I was the best..

… But little did I knew, she meant what she said..

.. Things got little difficult because of the surrounding in which I stayed..

.. A shy young boy, who barely spoke – Was in a friendship where he rarely knew…

.. She was angry because of what I did, Yes I had made a mistake reciting to the world what kind of friendship we had..

.. She said me about her feeling, in which she said: I have seen you before in my life, and fall for you the moment my eyes met..

.. It was strange altogether, when it was all of the sudden..

.. I was not prepared what to say..
It was hard for a young shy boy like me, to accept her proposal without meeting her face to face in the real world we live in..

Yes I have been wrong to take her for granted, or maybe because I, myself was lost in the confusions that surrounded..

It was not easy for her to say, but I broke her heart – was the word she utter in pain..

Her life was scattered, so was mine..
She expressed her emotion, but I tried to hide and fly..

.. She still think I am, what I was before four years ago in time..

..Today I messaged her wishing friendship day for the promises of forever we made..

But she busted out again, yelling at me..

Get out of my life, she shouted very high.. I read her emotions through what she typed..

I still ask myself, Why did I messaged her at the first place? And why didn’t she ignored me when she knew it was me..

She said, I am disturbing her life. But within my heart I have no such intentions to tear her life apart..

It was today I took the efforts, and she ended up saying.. Why don’t you leave me alone in my life, and stop hurting my present life..

I am speechless as I read her text, I choose not to reply anymore – It was just that I counted her as a friend..

But she thinks I am someone who disturbs her life, yet she chooses to reply with words that have hard emotions of life..

I felt rejected, but I now – I know my life..

I am no more that person, who takes people for granted and leave them alone forever in life..

But today I choose to step back, and break those bonds which do not serve my life..

¬¬ Mystery of my life…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi..


The seed of Life

Think of your life as a seed and land..

This post is only dedicated to those who really want to create a meaning in their lives..

For those who are not interested kindly don’t waste your time reading my precious post !


We have all heard about the word “Seed“, suddenly after listening to this word we have a mental image of a seed in our mind..

For creating a meaning in our lives the understanding of the seed is very important, as the seed will decide the land in which it should be sown, and the conditions it can bear when it is sown in that land..

The seed of our life is our Purpose, for me purpose stand for “something when done, or in process – we find peace, fulfilment, and satisfaction”.. For every single human being, GOD/Almighty has given us a seed. The encouraging and the hardest part is:

To find out that seed from rest of the hundreds of seeds presented to you in the plate“..

To make it easy let’s consider this example: John wants to became an engineer, but his heart is not satisfied with that course – So to find satisfaction in his heart – John started to search for other fields(let’s consider A,B,C etc) that he can select – he look around hundreds of article, and gathered information of as many career field he can. And then he starts to think deeper about his seed (Field/Purpose)… While doing the analysis of other fields he understood that he did not felt excited to take A as his field, so he eliminated A from his list. Then he shifted to B, he found B interesting but was not that interesting to pursue it for life.. Likewise he went through the other fields too, and none of them serve the purpose for him except Engineering – Because pursuing engineering was something that made him excited, increased his learning curve, boosted up his moral, made him more focused and active.. etc.. So he found his Field (Seed) to be Engineering…

This same goes for all human beings, we have a seed – Teaching, dancing, music, medicines, business, public speaking, healing, leadership, or whatsoever you name it – we need to identify it, feel satisfied by it’s qualities and then finally sow it into th land..


To sow the seed of any fruit or vegetable you need the right land, that matches the quality of seed, and can serve the best… Where the seed and the land becomes one, though they are in two different form – but with same qualities in them they become one..

So the seed(Purpose) of our life should be sown within the soul, within the mind/consciousness.. and for that we need to train our mind(land) to see – does the quality of seed matches?

If cactus are grown in green land, do you think they will ever grow? or if watermelon seed is sown in desert.. Will that ever get a watermelon out there?

So to place the seed, we need to look – does the seed(purpose) and land(mind) goes hand in hand.. Does your thoughts support your seed?

If you believe that you have found the seed of your life, but you are still not ready to sow it — Then find a healthy land (Mind with good thoughts).. and sow it there !

The seed and the land share a unique connection which makes them one, and the fruits are what you have sown into the land…

The quality of seed decides the quality of the fruits, but let’s not forget the land.. ! Both are needed…

Have you found your seed? Have you sown the seed long ago? What if it’s the wrong seed – Can i pick another seed? Offcourse you can.. because the land is yours ! so is the seed..

—– All rights reserved 2018

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi


I was in the war for the first time…

I had my shield to protect me, and I was full of courage.. but then.. the enemy stood in-front of me and shouted… “If’ only you had a knife you would have won this battle.. at that very moment I blamed myself for not having a knife, and I got little discouraged thinking about the knife – forgetting what I already had – A shield..

I tried defending myself, and somehow I escaped that war for a while…. I sat by the corner trying to quiet my mind, to listen to my own critique that said ‘If only I had a knife”..

I was feeling thirsty so I headed towards my bag to grab my bottle, as I was searching for the bottle I saw a knife in my bag..
The knife once I kept with me, near to my heart… Here it was.. Again in my hand…
That’s when I smiled at myself….. thinking…
“I already had it all along the way, it’s just that I forgot that I had it with me’…

We have the things we need in life, it’s just that we forget about it…
It maybe a skill you have, or knowledge about something you already have.. but sometimes we get over-whelmed by the words of others…
So have patience, look again into your inner-self… The gift is within you.. Just acknowledge it’s presence….

#Connecting thoughts with reality..
— All rights reserved 2018
—- Abdul Gani Punjabi


Abdul’s death ⚰

“Stop crying, He is dead.. Why do you need to cry over his dead body? Just pray for him, that’s what he need” ~ my mother consoled my sisters, whose tears were uncontrollable.

It was not long ago when I left home. It was a normal day. The same routine – wake up, prayer, brushing my teeth, bath, and finally a goodbye kiss to my parents and my beautiful wife.

Death – It is an uninvited guest, waiting at the door. Just one knock, and you are taken away. I didn’t knew this was my last day, How can I? Everything was perfectly fine. No health problem, no family issues, no business tensions because everything was going in flow, the mercy of GOD has always been with me.

As I reached office, today was a special meeting. Many businessmen were invited, and guess what – They were all waiting for me. Offcourse, I was the one who organized the meeting. We all greeted each other.

‘This meeting is held for a special purpose, I hope you all know? There have been many complaints about the cheating going on with our business. Customers are not getting the right QUALITY for the amount they are paying, there are delay in customer services, and the people responsible at the customer help center are being rude.’ ~ This was how I initiated our meeting.

This time everyone was serious, we all acknowledged that this was really a serious issue, which we had neglected long ago. Everyone shared their solutions.

‘So as we all understood the issue at hand, and shared our views. The things which we need to focus on is: Purpose of our organisation, being Proactive, deliver results, and serving the needs of customers at the right time, right place with the right QUALITY and right price” ~ We all agreed upon this result of the meeting.

The best thing I did after the meeting was ‘Thank GOD’ for the meeting, and the satisfaction with the results.

It was 1:15 – Zuhr, prayer time. I did my ablution and went to the mosque. I was feeling light headed, peaceful, and an intense Joy – I never felt this feeling before, this was something new I experience. The prayer began, and I was feeling happy for joining the prayer from the beginning (Mostly I miss the first two parts). When we went for sujood (prostration), I saw my body lying on the floor.. I was in a state of peace, infinite peace.. Surrounded by white light (Angels).

Wait a second? How can I see my body? I am in my body isn’t it? Where am I? Why can’t I wake myself up from Sujood? Don’t I have any control over my body? I died?

This is the best feeling ever, I am feeling alive for the first time now, this is a magnificent feeling.

As soon as the prayer ended, they gathered around my body. My body was still in the Sujood (Prostration) position. They tried to move me, but there was no movement. One of them in the mosque was a Doctor, he declared me as “DEAD“..

They took my body (Not me, because I am a soul watching all this happening, and I have been ‘Transferred’ to another world, called “BARZAQ”) to the hospital. They informed my parents (Worldly) [Souls do not have any family members, we all were just Souls, once we all stayed together in Alam al Arwah – The world of souls] and my parents informed my sisters and relatives about my death. I was seeing them, their tears were uncontrollable.

Why are they crying? What’s wrong? Are they crying because of me? Hey? I am totally fine, don’t worry !

Everyone gathered around my body, and started to weep. Those who hated me when I was alive, was standing next to my body, and prayed for my better afterlife.

Aren’t they the same people who hated me when I was alive? they never bothered to ask for my well-being when I was alive. Then why Now? Really human beings are unpredictable.

“Stop crying, He is dead.. Why do you need to cry over his dead body? Just pray for him, that’s what he need” ~ my mother consoled my sisters, whose tears were uncontrollable.

They loved me, Yes – my sisters loved me a lot when I was alive, and now their love for me has increased. At that very moment they prayed for me to GOD, to forgive me and to bless me the highest rank in paradise. I was feeling incredibly, happy.. It was as if a rain of peace and blessing was blown upon me.. This is a great feeling. When someone pray for the death, this is an amazing feeling.

They are washing my body now, I can feel their touch, I can listen to their cries. I know what they are going through. PAIN

Severe pain, the pain of loss. Someone that existed till today’s morning is no more in this world. He got transferred to different world.

But I wish they know, I am having a great another life here. God has given me the reward of what I used to do when I was alive. Those strongest believe In GOD, had made this life possible, the justice I did when I was alive, the polite character I had till my last breath, and the Truth I held when everyone forced my to spread falsehood and lies. And how can I forget about love ~ which thought me how to remove hatred, jealousy, evil desires from my heart, and to follow the path of righteous.. The Believer and the doer of good.

The more I thanked GOD, the more I was blessed with Wisdom, understanding, and provision in the world.

They buried me in the ground, and left me alone.. Believe me nothing I took with myself.. NOTHING.

All my family, property, cars, and material world left me alone and I am comfortable in this house, A house where I see all my good deeds with me, as a light.

I am happy here mom, and you know that very well.. Isn’t that the reason you are telling my sister to pray for me, Instead of crying?

#Fictional (Short story)

— Abdul Gani Punjabi


My birth was planned in this century at this time, in this home, by The Almighty God – So is yours !

This was the time chosen for you, in the history of universe to be born.


I was just pondering on my thoughts, as someone before Steve Jobs also said – Connect the dots.

After all of the lives suffering, pain, isolation, rejection, destruction, happiness, joy, love, and understanding – Finally in the end, there is Death. Now when we have seen and believed that Death never leaves anyone, and it does not make any sense that we start hating death, even death works on the command of GOD. The angel of death never comes on his own wish, He obeys the command of GOD. Why are we afraid of death? How does it looks like? Did anyone saw death? Is death really scary and horrifying? Then how can we blame death without knowing about it’s actual state. 

I can die at this very moment, maybe before I finish this whole blog. Who knows what’s coming up next? But this does not mean I must wait for death to come and take me. What I can do is ask GOD to make it easy for me, and provide me comfort after I die.

GOD had already done with the creation and it’s ending. He knows all that happened and everything that is going to happen till everyone own there eternal place in hell or heaven after the day of Judgement. This is very simple – You get what you do. I REPEAT – You get what you do. If you kill someone there is a superior Judge of the Judges, who will judge us. It’s like we write our own book of life, the good – Spreading love, understanding, peace, knowledge, gratefulness , good deeds, praising GOD by seeing his creation, reflecting within ourselves and learning more of what GOD have sown into our nature. And then the bad one – lying, Injustice, corruption, hate, jealousy, envy, ignorance, ungratefulness, etc.  This is our own book, what we write we get after death. And then we blame and judge GOD for being unjust. Indeed we humans are ungrateful and unjust. GOD is the truth, all-forgiving, ever-living, infinity, our mind will get exhausted but the praise of GOD will never extinguish.

I could have been born in the era of prophet Adam the first man, I could have been that first man, I could have been his wife Hawwa (May Allah peace be upon them both), I could have been from the tribe of his son Kabil (The murderer), or from the tribe of prophet Adam’s son Habil (The righteous). or I could haven been born at the time of Prophet Noah, and accepted his message or I could have been in those losers who were caught into the world’s greatest flood and died.

I could have been the Pharaoh who killed million of people at his time, or I could have been in the group of people who believed in Prophet Moses. I could have been the mother of Prophet Moses who prayed for her son’s safety, or I could have been the sister of Moses who followed her brother secretly through the river bank who was kept in basket, and floated upon the water,  until he reached in the hand of Pharaoh’s wife, I could have been the Pharaoh’s wife who took responsibility of the upbringing of Prophet Moses. I could have been in the believing people at the time of Prophet Seth, or maybe who rejected his message. I could have been in the Magicians group who after seeing the sign giving to Moses, when his stick turned into a powerful snake and swallowed the magicians stick, believed in the Lord of Moses and Aaron (May Allah peace be upon them both), and prostrated. Or I could have been in the army of Pharaoh who was drown into the River Nile along with his army.

I could have been the disciple of Prophet Jesus, who believed in his message or in those who heard the message of truth and Rejected. I could have been at the time of Mother Mary, and saw with my own eyes when Jesus spoke from the cradle and said, Indeed I am sent from GOD, and I confirm the Torah, and God has given me wisdom. Peace on the day when I was born, when I will die, and when I will return again.

I could have been born in the time of the last and final Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and would have accompanied him in his mission, or I could have been the one who humiliated him (This is a blessing of Allah that he selected me to be born as a Muslim in a Muslim family, May Allah/GOD protect my whole generation till the day of Judgement from Disbelief and associating partners with GOD). Or I could have been the Jew Rabbi who looked at Prophet Muhammad and said, Indeed the promise of GOD is true, You are the one who is been praised in the Torah(Old Testament), and Injeel (Gospel), and we Jews recognize you as we recognize our own sons, and I bear witness there is no gods BUT Allah(The Only One GOD), and I bear witness YOU (Prophet Muhammad) is the messenger of Allah/God.

Or I could have been the disbeliever, who after listening to the message of Truth(The Noble Quran) turned away and disbelieved, and the curse of GOD took over me, Woe upon me for what I did when I was Alive – This would have been my calling from my grave (May Allah/GOD protect my whole generation till the day of Judgement from Disbelief and associating partners with GOD). I could have been the martyr who sacrificed himself for the sake of Allah, or I could have been in the group of disbeliever who fought against the messenger who bought the truth.

I could have been an animal, plant, tree, fruit, vegetable, bird, cloud, mountain, water, ocean, fish, mud, hair, nails, eyes, fingers, lungs, heart, brain, rain, etc

Or I could have been the Universe, Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, Planets, Blackhole, Atoms, time, etc

If ALLAH/GOD wanted he could have created me AT ANY TIME into any form, any shape, any size, any height, any weight, with or without physical disability.

Or ALLAH/GOD had wished he could have made me an orphan, lost, depressed, helpless,  and without any support, without family, without siblings, without a good ancestral linage, without good environment & surrounding, BUT he blessed me with this beautiful moment of time, with stronger and clear inner-voice, with the best parents, siblings, grandparents, education, religious knowledge, and courage where I am able to connect to the world, without Just one click.

By now you would have read this blog post, and I am still Alive or maybe the moment I click “PUBLISH” button, I may breathe my last breath. What I am trying to say in this whole post is “FIND YOUR PURPOSE – YOU WERE BORN IN THIS ERA, CENTURY, COUNTRY, CITY, HOME, FOR A REASON” – Your every single experience matter, all the suffering, pain, joy, happiness is there for a reason. 

I was born on 15 Oct 1998 at night, because that was the time GOD selected for me to come in this world, and serve my purpose. Though he created my Spirit/soul and everyone’s soul/spirit before the creation of Universe. But this point of time was selected for me, to come into this world and create a positive impact into the lives of people around me, and to make people aware & conscious about their purpose and what exactly are they pursuing in this Life. 

Before I end up – I would leave you with this thought.. Everything humans created was for a reason, It has a guideline on “How this thing/device” works. If the manual is not followed and the guidelines are ignored, you might end up destroying that thing/device. So, we are created for a purpose, a purpose bigger than ourselves, BUT are you following the guidelines? or merely following your materialistic desire?

Death is standing in-front of you, Are you prepared? Is your book good enough to be read by yourself on the Day of Judgement? Do you have peace in your life?.. 


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—— Abdul Gani Punjabi



This is a new day … I Choose to

It’s time to step out of our routine, and create our Day – And find satisfaction and meaning in what we do..

Be Grateful ♥

Believe in Quality instead of Quantity

Believe that I am the Only One ‘Abdul Gani Punjabi’ in this world with unique experiences, though many people may have similar name, but they do not posses my skills, talents, my spirit, my beliefs, my value, and mostly the connection i share with “One God = Allah”

Be willing to learn from failures, because the real meaning of failure is “SOMETHING YET TO BE LEARNED”.

Believe that I plays a very important role in framing the world’s History

Connect to my inner-self on deeper level

Understanding that all souls on this earth faces similar experiences, and to learn from them and never make ‘Age a barrier’

Listen my heart voice

Believe in my dreams, and to keep modifying the steps needed to reach my dreams.

Not force myself when I am not really interested

Learn what’s wrong and what’s right

Have a different experience than usual

Examine my fears and to overcome them through understanding and learning the root

Gain wisdom and understanding through learning The Noble Quran

He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.

Chapter 2 Verse 269

The Noble Quran

Work on my believe system, and to make it firm through love and understanding (LOVE)

Be understanding that I have choices, And I have the free-will to select the best for myself

He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth. Then turned He to the heaven, and fashioned it as seven heavens. And He is knower of all things.

Chapter 2 verse 29

The Noble Quran

Be Curious

Be Excited

Be Highly Motivated

Be willing to listening, and Connect on deeper level..

To never put a barrier/Limits on myself for anything BUT rather understand this take times and during that time we need to be consistent and have patience..

Believe in the Power of Now, and to acknowledge that my today’s acts define my future whereabouts..

Be more of who I AM, by Acknowledge Who I AM NOT..


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— Abdul Gani Punjabi


Believing In Miracles Of life …

When we look at others we see them happy, but what we don’t realise is ~ There was a pain and struggle which changed their life and gave them lessons which they needed the most.

Sitting on the sofa everyday and thinking will this ever end ? Staring at the empty Wall , Searching for Hope .. Why Me ? Why ? Asking this question again and again But have no Answer within .. After Staring at the Wall for whole night and crying for no reason . Why ? An answer i needed , Numbness in my body no effects or feeling But having a little Faith to move High .. Faith is what kept me going , they thought i was acting weird but i knew what was inside .. A mask i wore to show i was happy and fine But within was Discomfort telling me this was a lie .. It All started when “SHE” Died . stilling wondering Did she really died ? After 4 year in depression searching for guidance and a lot of confusing arising within Asking ” Is this only me – Or are there any ? Who can understand me ? ” .

But slowly as time passed i found myself in despair , feeling myself disconnected to my inner-voice . It tried to speak many time But it was me who never hear . Recalling Those night when no one heard my sound of cry .. It was deep seated fear to be myself again . Hope was lost So was I , Finding an Answer Outside . Lack of self-Stem , Confidence , And with A broken heart i tried .. But there was something that kept me going , A voice in stillness That said do not fear .. I AM HERE . That’s what kept me going . Found out the answer today And willing to Guide Others ..

Life Is just amazing . Just Connect with the NOW , that is here ..

I consider myself blessed as i faced my fear , It was Depression that bought me Near to here .. A Believing person never Fear because he knows that there is Someone Hearing The Sounds of Tear ….

Depression Was a blessing for me , I wan’t to inform all those Out there Depressed , Don’t fear Because now i am hear to listen to your fear .

On the Path to Enlightenment , There are ups and downs but the one who Trust and Have hope Along with Patience makes there Journey worth ..

Being Grateful is the Key to Start . I am Grateful to have those Depression period in my life .

— My true life – Abdul Gani Punjabi.

The last year of my College…

… For years have passed, and I have restricted myself from the ever-lasting fun and dance…

… They enjoy the days, and the moments without thinking too much..

…. For I have always searched for meaning in the meaningless talks..

… and I have took a corner when the dance floor was ready as ever..

…. I know I have not lived my college life..

…. Because all I did was lived by the routine with my childhood pattern feeded inside..

… Isn’t that true Abdul, You observed the truth and learned how to tackle the fabricated lies..

… Yes, It’s my last year of college.. and I know this are the moments I will remember my upcoming life..

SO NOW.. I Choose to..

.. Break the norms..

… Go to college and spend time in library..

… Participate in college society that will enhance my skills..

… Enroll myself in placement to have knowledge of the corporate world..

…. To uplift those who are in search of upliftment…

…. feel home at college, and make place in the heart of teachers willingly..

…. Spend time with people who value your time..

…. Have lunch together with people you know well..

…. Feel grateful for the remaining days, and embrace the past days – Instead of regrets..

…. Build a name of trust and honour before receiving the degree with honour..

…. Create an impact where I know my value more than anyone else…

….. Burn from within, with the fire that encourages the spirit to pursue the vision of my life…

…. To spend my last year of college that I will smile at, cherish the memories, love the feelings, and will replay it in my mind without guilt..

…. Yes, I want to “BE”… What I have never “Being” for that I need to “BE” in the state of “Being”…

#College life

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

For I have a sister…

… I know when she smile she has a strong reason to share with me behind..

…. When i look at her face I see the innocence lying in her eyes..

…. She thinks no one understand her.. But when she converse with me – she feels safe and accepted for the hidden personality she hides from the world that tries to suppress her innocent child..

….. I met her today.. Once again after a while.. ! But days seems shorter.. and the moments passing by…

…. I don’t wish anything more, because now I have sisters who accepts me as brother even though they know the childish personality which the world do not see in my eyes…


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

The dance of life..

On the high beats.. I uplifted my body with energy that lies within..

And on the trance that makes my body feel light..

The dubstep that moves my body into robotic mechanism of life..

… and the hip-hop that make me move my lower-back in the air – Up high..

.. Yeah.. Music have a different impact on life..

BUT.. I choose not to listen to it..

Because temporarily it boosts up my energy, and drains soon – which I need for the long run of life..

Music have a frequency.. That lift up the spirit high..

BuT firstly define it yourself.. What kind of music you can count in life..


– Abdul Gani Punjabi