The International Forerunning Muslim Youth Forum (T.I.F.M.Y.F)

Date: 14th February, 2021

Founder & President: Mr. Abdul Gani Punjabi


1. To create a “Feeling of Brotherhood to Increase Imaan and Amal” and to build a qualitative network of Muslim youth(14 – 25 years) across the globe (7 Continents, 200+ countries) to enhance community building, exchanging thoughts, sharing concerns, and uplifting individuals by encouraging them to become future leaders, who will unite the whole Muslim Ummah, by actively improving and developing themselves and societies at large. And propagate the message of peace, unity, harmony, safety, security, and brotherhood across continents, and always consider all communities in the process.

2. To develop the Muslim youth in terms of multiple foundational skills – management skills, communication, public speaking, leadership, social skills, parenting, and maintaining healthy relationships with other communities.

3. To spread the true meaning of Islam by practicing it, Instead of just preaching it

Age Group: 14 – 25 years


1. Company of Righteous People
2. Remembrance of Allah & Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم )
3. Feeling of safety, security, harmony and at Home
4. Intellectual & Spiritual Satisfaction
5. Holistic Personality Development
6. Learn the art of combining Deen & Dhuniya
7. Sadaqah Jariyah
8. Play vital role in Society Building & Development
9. Access to Exclusive Guest Speaker Sessions
10. Part of Global Muslim Youth Community
11. Be a T.I.F.M.Y.F Continent/Country/City Ambassador
12. Access to Weekly & Monthly Family Meetings

Note: If you are interested to volunteer (in terms of skills, knowledge and talent, etc) or join the revolutionary journey, feel free to fill the form:

To join the Initiative, Kindly read and understand the basic foundation first: Becoming a Forerunner

Register as a Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker Registration

Make Allah accept this efforts of bringing light to the whole world again! Ameen!

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