You can.. Take Away..

.. The eyes I see with..

.. The heart with which I understand..

…. Ears with which I listen..

… Energy through which I walk..

…. Memories that you have gifted..

.. Provision that you have provided..

…. Clarity of thoughts with which you have made my life easy..

… The peace in my heart through which I get inspired..

… The hands with which I write..

… The legs with which I walk..

….. The tongue that Is eloquent..

… The breath which is stress free..

….. The liver that purifies ..

… The lips which makes me beautiful..

… The hairs that makes me look younger and handsome..

…. The beard that makes me look attractive..

….. The wisdom you have taught me..


… You can make me paralyze..

.. You can make me blind..

…. You can take away my family…

…. My skills and my talents…

… My understandings…

….. My connectivity..

…..My love..

… My creativity, and my forms of expressions..

… You can do infinite things with me right now..


You choose to bless me with every single thing of yours..

And still I am ungrateful..

Ya RAB (O Lord) Make me of those who understand your power and might.. and expand my heart with love of yours.. and provide me with the best in this world and the hereafter..

And make me of the believer and your grateful servant…

Yes.. It is all by his wish… !

May I align my wishes with his ❤

— Gratitude…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

After years of silence I spoke..

I still remember the friendship we once had, you were understanding and I was mad..

… I did everything to show you my best, but I forgot – Imitation was the game I never learned so well..

.. We never met each other, but the promises we made – Forever we are friends, she said with great enthusiasm and care..

.. I said her the same, but words can’t describe emotions – So my emotions in words were emotionless..

.. We planned for the future, and told me I was the best..

… But little did I knew, she meant what she said..

.. Things got little difficult because of the surrounding in which I stayed..

.. A shy young boy, who barely spoke – Was in a friendship where he rarely knew…

.. She was angry because of what I did, Yes I had made a mistake reciting to the world what kind of friendship we had..

.. She said me about her feeling, in which she said: I have seen you before in my life, and fall for you the moment my eyes met..

.. It was strange altogether, when it was all of the sudden..

.. I was not prepared what to say..
It was hard for a young shy boy like me, to accept her proposal without meeting her face to face in the real world we live in..

Yes I have been wrong to take her for granted, or maybe because I, myself was lost in the confusions that surrounded..

It was not easy for her to say, but I broke her heart – was the word she utter in pain..

Her life was scattered, so was mine..
She expressed her emotion, but I tried to hide and fly..

.. She still think I am, what I was before four years ago in time..

..Today I messaged her wishing friendship day for the promises of forever we made..

But she busted out again, yelling at me..

Get out of my life, she shouted very high.. I read her emotions through what she typed..

I still ask myself, Why did I messaged her at the first place? And why didn’t she ignored me when she knew it was me..

She said, I am disturbing her life. But within my heart I have no such intentions to tear her life apart..

It was today I took the efforts, and she ended up saying.. Why don’t you leave me alone in my life, and stop hurting my present life..

I am speechless as I read her text, I choose not to reply anymore – It was just that I counted her as a friend..

But she thinks I am someone who disturbs her life, yet she chooses to reply with words that have hard emotions of life..

I felt rejected, but I now – I know my life..

I am no more that person, who takes people for granted and leave them alone forever in life..

But today I choose to step back, and break those bonds which do not serve my life..

¬¬ Mystery of my life…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi..