The same is the case with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. if you respect a person he or she in return would respect you.

The world functions on one thing, Respect. Both Respect and Karma are inter related to each other! Whatever you give is whatever you get.

I came across a person today, saying – by adding sir/ma’am to someone’s name, won’t give him respect. I thanked that person for the point she made but as far as I am concerned, by adding a word called Sir/Ma’am may make feel a person pleasured, respectful, mentored, honoured and many more feelings at the very same moment!!

Remember the rule of life: Whatever you give is whatever you get.

In the end: Adding Sir/Ma’am won’t make you down but adding Sir/Ma’am would make another person feel special!!!

With lots of respect!

Samiksha Bhandari

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