Sometimes we really never understand how things happen, and you are like..! How did I made it till here? Big Day tomorrow..! My life’s first event as an organiser from scratch to reality – Masterminds ♨ — Abdul Gani Punjabi

Are you ready?

… Right now you have the power to select – your choices, your decisions, your opportunities, and your first step towards your dreams.. Or are you waiting for people like me to tell it in your ears to pursue your dreams, and work upon your vision.. Wake up, and listen to that voice that says… Read More Are you ready?

The Urge

Yesterday while walking down the street I had an urge to sit down, at the corner of the road on a small piece of stone. Just to observe what exactly is going on around me. The urge within was soo loud that finally I looked around to search for something that can ignite my interest.… Read More The Urge