I am Abdul Gani Punjabi, From India. I started blogging in 2017. I am a public speaker, an author, run a YouTube channel, active on Facebook and Instagram.

The topics which I am interested in are – Love, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Horror, Spirituality, Psychology, Meta-physics, Mental Health, God, and many other topics.

You will find short stories, Poem, short motivation, Quotes, Life lessons, Question – Answers etc. They are all mine, and I own the copyrights.

In the world full of expression, emotions and feelings. I have been through the gift of severe depression and had seen the rock bottom. There were times I withdrew myself entirely from the world.

But today I have been blessed with a peaceful state of mind, where I am involved in life but I am not attached. A life full of identity creates misery, but a life filled with JOY is an adventure in itself.

On my blog you will find “LIFE” which you will feel – That’s me !