Welcome my Beloved Guest,

I am a seeker like you, from India. Who started his journey of blogging in 2017 to share his pains, struggles, and challenges in a dairy which was supposed to stay private. But as interaction and experiences were shared, I realized there are many wayfarers like me who often start their journey alone in search of themselves and the bigger picture/absolute truth.

Through this blog I love to explore the depths of life via writing, and being an effective speaker I share wisdom on my personal Podcast. Following the spark within me I have published my debut Novel (Her Decision) on Amazon Kindle. And also I love to express my thoughts on YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The topics which I am interested in are – Love, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Horror, Spirituality, Psychology, Meta-physics, Mental Health, God, and many other topics.

In the world full of expression, emotions and feelings. I have been through the gift of severe depression and had seen the rock bottom where at times I withdrew myself entirely from the world.

But today I am blessed with a peaceful state of mind, where I am proactively creating, sharing, and involving myself in building a better world for myself, you, and our future generations.

Listen to your voice on my blog, which will intrigue your inner you – That’s me !  

I hope you will enjoy the short stories, poem, short motivation, quotes, life lessons, Q & A and Guest posts on my blog. Have a beautiful time here by experiencing the feeling of being at home ❤️