Did you ever get annoyed when someone was talking to you for a long amount of time and then you reacted very harshly to him/her for which you repented later? Yes it has hapened to most of us and maybe some of us have even faced the vice-versa too .

But, have you ever thought that why they wanted you to hear their story? Why they wanted to tell you their story and speak their heart out? Yes, you guessed it right. It was because they felt you as the right person to tell their story to.

Conversing is something which a person feels to do often but cannot, due to the ‘lacking’ of the correct person. This in turn leads to loneliness, anti-social behaviour and serious mental health issues. A person, always has a story to tell, a particular feeling to express, or to narrate a remorseful incident which had occured in his/her life recenly or in past through words.

These feelings and happenings of their life, which when expressed to someone through words, helps boost positivity and gives the energy to move forward in life. This energy is accquired from the person of his/her trust who listens to the story and in turn helps that person to get out of the situation.

So,the next time someone comes and sits next to you to narrate their story, listen. Remember that you are that fortunate person whom the narrator thinks to be the ‘right person’. Because you never know , what he/she has in hold for you… And you will be that charmed and lucky being to transmitt positive energy and help someone to move forward in life!

“The most crucial thing is to hear the words suffering in silence”


-Vashundhara Paul

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