A Perspective Can Change It All…

When anyone comes to me and says that they are having a bad day or going through a hard time because they can’t think about anything happy, the only thing I tell them is to try and look harder with a different perspective and a motive/purpose to feel happy. Happiness matters a lot in our daily life not just for our own well-being but for the well-being of the people around us too. In our every day life we can extract so much happiness just from our surrounding that even without asking people for it you will feel happy about it. Look around, see the happiness in the eyes of the mother who is embracing her son. See how proud the father is, watching his daughter walk down the aisle with her degree in her hand. It’s important to understand that everyday is not going to be as happy, exciting and fun as you wish. So learn to be your own source of happiness. Know that you are capable of providing yourself with everything you wish. Everyone will leave your side except yourself so be your own sun in the universe filled with stars. Happiness is not just important to make your day better but it can also help you be determined towards your passion and success. To me, success is not the only key to happiness but happiness is one of the major reasons a person may become determined to reach their goal. You can be happy, just don’t lose hope, it is will what will keep you driven till the time you understand that you are your own happiness.

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