Things I love..

Love Adventure (Swimming + Mountaineering + Scuba diving + bungee jumping + Racing + horse/camel riding + skating + skiing + sky diving)

love communicating

Love helping voluntarily

Love to solve dispute

Love to reading Novels and Things related to psychology + spirituality + Different ideas and beliefs.

love spending time in Nature .

Love taking risk and chance.

Love star gazing + Moon + Bird watching + sleeping below the sky + Spending night in Tents.

Love visiting Villages + know their culture and love the Fresh air .

Love visiting historical places.

Relaxing near waterfalls

Love voice of Thunder and Rain.

Love the moments of seeing someone in Love or together

Love to listen to stories and Telling them a story.

Love to write short phrases or poem

love to spread positivity and helping them to know their strength and weakness.

love to get educated and educate other.

Love singing + dancing + cooking + cleaning.

Love computer stuff and love to changes parts of hardware.

Love to connect electrical appliance and repairing them.

love watching meaningful movies(Korean Chinese thai) + documentaries + Pakistani drama.

Love to find root of the problem.

Love to ask questions in depth and clearing concept completely.

love Travelling in Train + bus + car + aeroplane + bike + bicycle and specially my 2 legs 😂 )

Love Animals = Horse + cat + rabbit + goat.

Love to do farm activities.

Like to take responsibility for my acts.

Love public Speaking

Love Football + cricket + badminton

Love eating New type Of Food specially at dhaba (Chai at dhaba and enjoy the view)


I drive Bike/Active without thinking- No thoughts.

Always feels like i am at home Wherever i might be ❤

#Things I love

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

(Badal) Change

Na jane kyu ye din badal raha hai..

Ek sukoon sa.. sir chad raha hai..

Pyar to huwa hai hame..

.. Magar kyu pehle baar ye dil kar raha hai..

… Dekhna chahta hun mai usse, magar koi jaldi nahi..

…. aankhoon mai uske pyaar ke aansu sahi..

…. Dekh le ee din, aaj mai yaha hun..

… Jisse dhun raha tha tu, aaj mai yaha khada hun..

… Khone ka usse mujhe koi gam nahi, bus chod kar usse jana ka mujhe koi man nahi…

I don’t know – How this “day” is turning..

A kind of peace is taking over my mind..

Yes I am in love…

But I don’t know why for the first time my heart is urging..

I wanna see her But.. Their is no hustle ..

Tears of loves in her eyes, Indeed..

Look at me “DAY” I am here today..

The one you were looking for, I am standing here today..

I won’t have any guilt if I lose her, It’s just that I don’t wanna leave her and goo..

All rights reserved

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Umeed [Hope]

Umeedien nahi hai tumse, ye kahta rahta hun mai sada..

(I don’t have any hopes from you, I use to tell her everytime)

Khash samaj sakho tum iske peeche ki wajah..
(I wish someday you understand the reason behind it)

Mai nahi hu khafa tujhse aaee meri jan-e-jigar..

(I am not angry with you.. Oh my sweet heart)

Bus aaj kal chahta hai dil sunna ghahraaeeon ki aawaz.. Chahiye thoda sa waqt khud per zara

(It just that my heart want to hear the voices from depth, So I need sometime for me)

Kimat lagana kaam nahi tha mera, bus itna samaj sakta hun.. tujhe khone se darta hun sada..

(To decide a price/value was not my Job, But I can understand this.. I am afraid to lose you – forever)

Kya ye pyar hai..? Wo puchti hai har pal ke mulaqat mai..

(Is this love..? She asks me at every moments of our meetings)

Bus aaj tak bata nahi paya.. mai wo hi hun jisse tune manga duwaoon mai sada..

(It just that till today I couldn’t say her.. I am the only one whom you keep asking to GOD in prayers)

— All rights reserved 2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi

I wanna hold her hands..

….. Play with her hairs.. which she never ties..

…kiss her slightly on the lips she bites ❤…

.. look straight into her eyes…

…. touch her scars, and tell her mine..

…… Will I ever find one, whom I can say mine…

…… But what if I claim her to be mine, and she does not acknowledges my presences when I stand in-front of her eyes…

…… Yes I used to fear.. I may never meet someone of my own understanding..

……. But meeting her, led me to meeting myself…

…… I hope we become soulmates.. valuing each other’s – space and lives…

…….. But I wanna tell you sweetheart.. Whatever the moments are.. let’s value each others presence in life...

#Special thanks to “YOU”..