On that day?

Each day is a good one but for some it may be very very special.

A special day can be defined as a day which closely plays a major role in your life! It may be special may be you will choose your career, or implement something precious, or you will get something you were wanting or wishing for!

A special day for me was one, when someone very special and close to my heart explained me – How to Deal Academic or Family Pressure!

This was when I understood who around me was playing or praying for me!

I just wait for the special day, gives me what I want.

Remember: To those whom you are special too, they will surely try to make you feel you Special!

~Samiksha Bhandari

Feel free to reach out to me: samiksha2505bhandari@gmail.com

Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/samiksha_2505_?igshid=16x9xke2lgstc

Link to the blog: https://samikshabhandari.blogspot.com

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