Happiness-often ‘not’ a choice…

Often I have heard people around me stating that ” Happiness is all but a choice”. But each and every time that my mind goes into a state of desolation, it reminds me of the people stating happiness to only be ‘a choice’ .

Every block of my happiness or sadness is an effect of the state of circumstances going on around me. So can I say that these situations and the circumstances are also a part of my own choices? Quite obviously not.

Happiness fills our energy and the sorrounding environment with a strong beam of positivity, but can this positivity be bought into action when its circumambient matter is in a negative sphere of course? What we need here in order to get out of this state of despondency and bring out the state of happiness on our own is nothing but an “outer stimuli”. This outer stimuli, i.e the job we are actually doing to bring in the real boost of happiness in our lives to get ourselves out of the negative aura, may indeed fill ourselves with high hopes and positive energy alongside of happiness.

Happiness may often not be a choice for an individual every single time that he/she faces. The sorrounding circumstances may affect it to turn into despair filled with negative energy. What all of we need is an ‘outer stimuli’ in order to bring in the real joyousness into our lives!

-Vashundhara Paul

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4 thoughts on “Happiness-often ‘not’ a choice…

    1. Thank you! It is something which kept striking my mind for such a long time…And finally it’s into words… It’ll surely support me to write more ๐ŸŒž


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