Isn’t acceptance more important than love?

// Wondering what modern days lovers must say to each other while confessing their love to each other in an old school way//

You see,
I can turn you into poetry,
the one that won’t
put a veil on scars,
the one’s you worry about
all the time,
the way you edit your pictures
to make it look incredibly perfect
with combination
of filters and borders,
to look it more happening
erstwhile, you were drowned
in the thoughts of
being a narcissist
cause to be raw
is such a sheer
out of the box or
I say, not so trendy
that would make
you a lot more yourself
and less like people around you.
I would want to describe my poetry
about every element
that’s related to you,
even the dark sides,
that makes you or breaks you
or lets you hide
behind curtains of nostalgia,
mixed with guilt.
I would want to know
every inch of sadness
that built you,
so that I turn them into
elegant art,
like never seen before ever.

// they might say thousands words justifying three beautiful words that lost it worth somewhere behind//

– Charu Jagetia

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