Is she really weak???

In this really cool and modern world. She feels nervous & is afraid of unfair actions that takes place. She suffered being a girl. She suffered being a daughter. She suffered during schooling. She suffered in college and now her suffering continues being a mother. From all the sufferings and sacrifices she is facing.

A girl really cares for everyone. But she sacrifices more in her life. She has to bear the pain of her periods, But at last she always find herself alone!. But did we ever thought about what she is going through… I always heard of a female baby being aborted… but never heard of a male one!

She isn’t weak. Instead she is the one who is the strongest among all. If you love she loves more, if you care she cares more, if you are sad she will make you happy, if you are frustrated she will calm you down. In return she will only ask you to love, care, and give her respect that she really deserves.

“It’s nothing about being a girl, it’s nothing about how people treat us, it’s nothing about how people see us, But it’s really about what type of example we want to set being a girl.”

Thank you!😊❣️


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