Two Sides Of A Coin.

“The concept of the bad world is just an illusion, but strong enough to make our visions opaque”

Dear Elders,

After devoting a protracted time to think about the contemporary world to which we belong and live in, I have decided to write this letter to you.

After giving a thought to the setting of the world I have realised the change in my perspective of seeing the place we live in. Every coin has two sides and so has our world. After analysing its order, I divided the world into two categories: The positive side which I refer to as the “actual” world and the negative side of the world referred to as the “notional” world.

Every thing should have an ebullient beginning so let me start by writing about the world, which I will always admire- my “actual” world. Full of beautiful places, great people and mesmerising creations, this side of the world is where majority of the people live in but fail to realise the same. This world has got peace which is the rudiment of our existence. Here people live with affirmative purpose and great visions. The creations in this side if the world are working each moment to make this world worth living and worth considering the home of the “mankind”.

The futile conflicts are not permitted to dominate the lives of people here. The places here bring to our mind the reminiscences of great people who expected scope of improvement in the world each moment. This world belongs to humanity and humanity belongs to this world.

But regrettably there is an other side of the world also who’s existence I have to consider equally because if neglected, this world can dominate my actual world also. This is the gloomy side of the world which co exists with the actual world. As I wrote earlier that people are unaware of the existence of the actual world, here I will not deny the fact that people consider the presence of the “notional” world only. This misconception in the minds of people has given support to the growth of this gloomy world which I will refer to as the “gloomy illusion”. But the presence of this illusion is strong and it has somehow managed to annihilate the existence of the parameters of the actual world. The people here turn deaf to the messages of great people and blind towards their vision of warm world.

Callousness is the foundation of this world. The lives of the people are dominated by conflicts here. The people on both sides of the world are good but here, people prefer to nurture the worst in of them instead of bringing out the good in them.

After studying the setting of this world, what I could sum up was that, the concept of the bad world is just an illusion but strong enough to make our visions opaque. I studied the world thoroughly and many questions arose in my mind which throughout my life will maybe act as a medium to annihilate the notional world. The questions are the will not each and every individual in this world want the actual world to be their home? Wouldn’t they want the ebullient times to be an integral part of their lives rather than conflicts?I am sure that nobody wants to live in the dark side of the world. But then why are people allowing the notional world to grow? 

When will they realise the existence of the actual world. Being elders and more experienced, you have to answer my questions and make me comprehend:

“Which side of the world are we living in”?


Share your thoughts with me on the two sides of our world on my gmail : or DM on Snapchat: Username: harsharan.1307

2 thoughts on “Two Sides Of A Coin.

  1. It takes a lot of courage and patience, to question, and question so wisely, the world around us. And it requires intellect, and knowledge, to show them their faults in just a single page.
    This is sheer brilliance.
    If this is a single article of your thoughts, I wonder what would be the book of your thoughts.


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