The Choice to be made

I don’t know form where did they emerge

Till now these roads went parallel to each other

But I didn’t know it won’t last further

I’m standing at the place where four roads diverges

If I choose the path with red petals forming the floor

I might meet a person for whom I fall for

The one who would fight to be with me

And might fall on his knees

If I take the one with berries blue

I would be with the ones whom I already knew

They taught me to have respect,

In life’s every aspect.

One path is where I have to pass through thorns

The thorns are sharply tipped as it warns

Though it is charming me to make it my choice

As I could hear my dream’s voice

The last path is very enjoyable

Everyone are together even when the habits aren’t likeable

Here we could share our pain

Without having any greed of gain

I don’t know which path to choose

In any situation I have many thing to loose

Isn’t there a one way which consist to all these ways

I would like everyone to stay

Suddenly my eyes open

And the dream is broken

I wish I never have to face that

I happy to not be in that place with all mighty grace

“In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn’t matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.”

by Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

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