The Chosen One

What you choose was already chosen by the higher power for you…

Why is it so hard ? Why don’t we know our purpose ? Why don’t we have a guide ? Why do we Suffer ? Why do we Lose ? Why do we have to keep moving when the direction is unknown ? Why is it so ? Why aren’t we given a book from birth so that we may follow ? Why is it, that we have no idea where we have to go ? Why ?

The “WHY” is what keeps us moving. Human Being by nature, keep searching for answers and when he gets it, he is “Satisfied“. When he is satisfied, he stops looking for the answers.

Let me make it easy for you, What will you do “if” you had a book in your hand which state each and every steps you will take in life.

Will you dare to take it ? And FOLLOW it ? ”

We human being are always greedy and follow our own desire, whoever it may be, most of the time we are driven by our ego, convincing our-selves that we know more than anyone else.. We are “Know it all” people. But that “Know it all” is a state of mind where you think you have enough knowledge, but the bitter truth is we have nothing.

All over the world, the most frequently asked questions are :- Why is it so hard ? Why don’t we know our purpose ? Why don’t we have a guide ? Why do we Suffer ? Why do we Lose ? Why do we have to keep moving when the direction is unknown ? Why is it so ? Why aren’t we given a book from birth so that we may follow ? Why is it, that we have no idea where we have to go ? Why ?

We are people who choose short-cut instead of experiencing life, We want everything fast, without pain, without suffering, without taking any efforts.

We learn and grow, but we must understand that every single step is pre-determined. There is an infinite choice that has been existing from the time of the existence of universe. The choices are already known by the All-Knowing[GOD].

Let me give you an example :- I am writing this article. The time i am investing in typing this, i could have done the following things instead :-

1. Read a Novel.

2. Listen to Music.

3. Meet an Old friend.

4. Drink tea.

5. Visit a restaurant.

6. Go to the near-by park.

7. Initiate a conversation with a stranger.

8. Reading Someone else blog.

9. Preparing for my higher examination.

10. Board a Bus/Cab/train.

11. Ride a Bicycle.

12. Visit a Hospital.

13. Talk to someone and would be discussing about an adventurous trip.

I could be doing anything beside writing this article, but “I CHOOSE” to write, so that you may read and Understand.

Every single decision, situation, pain, happiness, sadness, love, hate, angry, anxiety etc everything is the result of what we had “CHOOSEN” in the past, and what we are “Choosing” Now.

So next time when you blame, God/ Higher- power/The source, for all the suffering and misery that you have in life. Remember it’s you who have did it all.

It’s a web, A web that you build, A web in which you dissolve thinking it’s the reality. You are lost in the web that you have created for yourself.

Get out of the web, the one who creates, he only can destroy. You are creating “Excuses, bad-habits, your thoughts, your feelings, your perception, your emotion, your situation, your suffering, your anxiety, hatred, pain, loneliness and especially the relationships.

When we get the meaning of things, we stop searching for it, I used to ask everyone i met, “What’s the meaning of life“. No one explained it, No one can, No one will .. Because this life is your’s, you are the ” Meaning”.

Stop complaining about your depression, anxiety, lack of self-stem, lack of confidence. And start talking about The beauty of Moments, the feeling of love, the smell you smell, the sensations you feel, the peace in your heart… That’s how we change…

I know it’s hard, but it’s worth living and defining it ourselves. The pain, the suffering, the lost path, the lost you, everything have a “MEANING”…

Just “Live” those moments and the meaning would come into existence and the purpose will be known through Inspiration…

The Voice that is deep-down, Is asking you to stop ! And look Around, There are thousands of things waiting for you, but you are busy in finding the meaning of life, and blaming yourself for not being able to achieve the illusion which the world had put around.

“Live it, the moment is your, It’s passes in vain or peace. Now it’s your turn to “Choose” , the vanity of life or the peace that surrounds..”

——- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Forgive- And Start ❤

Strange it was, when she said me “HI” ,

The Voice was different then the last time bye,

Wondering in depth of my heart, Does she still loves me or was it a lie ,

Looking straight into my eyes she said – Life without you is Empty so please give me a hope to shine ,

The Emptiness i felt a long way – Was she feeling the same , a thought blinked in my mind,

But my love for her was as pure as light ,

So i forgave her from the Bottom of my heart for All her lies ,

Chances and Choices are what we have, So why not start a whole new “Life” ….

-Abdul Gani Punjabi

Believing In Miracles Of life …

When we look at others we see them happy, but what we don’t realise is ~ There was a pain and struggle which changed their life and gave them lessons which they needed the most.

Sitting on the sofa everyday and thinking will this ever end ? Staring at the empty Wall , Searching for Hope .. Why Me ? Why ? Asking this question again and again But have no Answer within .. After Staring at the Wall for whole night and crying for no reason . Why ? An answer i needed , Numbness in my body no effects or feeling But having a little Faith to move High .. Faith is what kept me going , they thought i was acting weird but i knew what was inside .. A mask i wore to show i was happy and fine But within was Discomfort telling me this was a lie .. It All started when “SHE” Died . stilling wondering Did she really died ? After 4 year in depression searching for guidance and a lot of confusing arising within Asking ” Is this only me – Or are there any ? Who can understand me ? ” .

But slowly as time passed i found myself in despair , feeling myself disconnected to my inner-voice . It tried to speak many time But it was me who never hear . Recalling Those night when no one heard my sound of cry .. It was deep seated fear to be myself again . Hope was lost So was I , Finding an Answer Outside . Lack of self-Stem , Confidence , And with A broken heart i tried .. But there was something that kept me going , A voice in stillness That said do not fear .. I AM HERE . That’s what kept me going . Found out the answer today And willing to Guide Others ..

Life Is just amazing . Just Connect with the NOW , that is here ..

I consider myself blessed as i faced my fear , It was Depression that bought me Near to here .. A Believing person never Fear because he knows that there is Someone Hearing The Sounds of Tear ….

Depression Was a blessing for me , I wan’t to inform all those Out there Depressed , Don’t fear Because now i am hear to listen to your fear .

On the Path to Enlightenment , There are ups and downs but the one who Trust and Have hope Along with Patience makes there Journey worth ..

Being Grateful is the Key to Start . I am Grateful to have those Depression period in my life .

— My true life – Abdul Gani Punjabi.