Be different πŸ‘£

I can read your mind. This is what it says.

Deep down everyone have a wish and that is “I want to do something Unique or different” and now while reading this you would be thinking how did i know what’s in your mind.

Once i used to think, being different makes us famous, Attractive, Confident, and even increase our self-stem.

But let me be honest to you, most of the time we keep thinking the same thoughts “Be different, Do differently” but let me ask you one thing, When you say that to yourself “Do you even know what’s that “Different” thing you want to do is? That’s where the problem arises we keep looking around us and think, everything is almost accomplished in the world. And we will some how bring a magic pen or magic stick like fairy and do something Unique. If that’s how you think let me be honest ~ It’s never going to happen. Because while seeing others we suppress our talents and do not fully exploit them.

Let me tell you about myself, I am also one of those who think “I will do something Unique or different”, But then one day i realised that we can be different by doing the same thing. For eg :- I started writing my blog, After few days i shut-it down completely. And did not wrote a thing for almost 6 months, because what i was thinking was “Anyone can start writing a blog, there are thousands of blogger out their, Why would someone even read my blogs?

But the funniest thing is I always used to think we all are different and unique, but i realised it later. Now, when we all are different, We all write different things, different thoughts, different stories, we all have different life pattern. So why not i write things that i have been through, observed, and experienced. And when i did that, The comments i received from the reader are amazing, Most of them says “i touch their hearts”, “It’s too deep” , ” Worth reading”.

So by my story i want to convey this message, that yes we can be different by doing the things that the world is doing.

Eg :- You can be a singer, their are thousands of singer but you will be unique in your own way. You can be an Artist, blogger, motivational speaker, lecturer, teacher, dancer… Anything you wish to be.

Just believe in yourself and keep pushing yourself, at the start it will be hard, but yes “It’s worth doing something different in your own way”.

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

In your own way

Don’t burst your bubbles

When the bubble pops, everything stops.

Dreams ❀

Hope ❀

faith ❀

Fate ❀

Passion ❀

Joy ❀

Fun ❀

Love ❀

Freedom ❀

Try ❀

Learn ❀

Mercy ❀

Grace ❀

Peace ❀

Patience ❀

Happiness ❀

Kindness ❀

Miracle ❀

Magic ❀

Friends ❀

Honor ❀

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Love – Forever

Looking into her πŸ‘€ I 😊 , It was the first time I said her what’s in my ❀ that slowly dies ..

As the Name of my Crush ( 😍 ) came out of my mind, the πŸ‘… caught the flow and took the words Outside .

The Moment she heard the names,she 😊 , I felt a sense of relief that I never Before find..

She said, she knew the names on my Mind 😎 , I was Happy there is Someone whom i can share my secrets that hides behind.

That was the first time i talked like an πŸ’ƒ (Idiot),And i found myself in a comfortable zone where I was not afraid of the things i said infront of her eyes…

She picked the piece of πŸ— in her hand and gave me a cheers with the the piece she was carrying up in the Air, That was the day i felt, Though she is my sister,but i swear i will never find a friend like her in my entire life

The place she holds in my heart is always alive… Aaah wait i am none other than your ” *Idiot* bhai (Brother) ….

Love you da 😘😘😘

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Believing In Miracles Of life …

When we look at others we see them happy, but what we don’t realise is ~ There was a pain and struggle which changed their life and gave them lessons which they needed the most.

Sitting on the sofa everyday and thinking will this ever end ? Staring at the empty Wall , Searching for Hope .. Why Me ? Why ? Asking this question again and again But have no Answer within .. After Staring at the Wall for whole night and crying for no reason . Why ? An answer i needed , Numbness in my body no effects or feeling But having a little Faith to move High .. Faith is what kept me going , they thought i was acting weird but i knew what was inside .. A mask i wore to show i was happy and fine But within was Discomfort telling me this was a lie .. It All started when “SHE” Died . stilling wondering Did she really died ? After 4 year in depression searching for guidance and a lot of confusing arising within Asking ” Is this only me – Or are there any ? Who can understand me ? ” .

But slowly as time passed i found myself in despair , feeling myself disconnected to my inner-voice . It tried to speak many time But it was me who never hear . Recalling Those night when no one heard my sound of cry .. It was deep seated fear to be myself again . Hope was lost So was I , Finding an Answer Outside . Lack of self-Stem , Confidence , And with A broken heart i tried .. But there was something that kept me going , A voice in stillness That said do not fear .. I AM HERE . That’s what kept me going . Found out the answer today And willing to Guide Others ..

Life Is just amazing . Just Connect with the NOW , that is here ..

I consider myself blessed as i faced my fear , It was Depression that bought me Near to here .. A Believing person never Fear because he knows that there is Someone Hearing The Sounds of Tear ….

Depression Was a blessing for me , I wan’t to inform all those Out there Depressed , Don’t fear Because now i am hear to listen to your fear .

On the Path to Enlightenment , There are ups and downs but the one who Trust and Have hope Along with Patience makes there Journey worth ..

Being Grateful is the Key to Start . I am Grateful to have those Depression period in my life .

— My true life – Abdul Gani Punjabi.