Looking into her πŸ‘€ I 😊 , It was the first time I said her what’s in my ❀ that slowly dies ..

As the Name of my Crush ( 😍 ) came out of my mind, the πŸ‘… caught the flow and took the words Outside .

The Moment she heard the names,she 😊 , I felt a sense of relief that I never Before find..

She said, she knew the names on my Mind 😎 , I was Happy there is Someone whom i can share my secrets that hides behind.

That was the first time i talked like an πŸ’ƒ (Idiot),And i found myself in a comfortable zone where I was not afraid of the things i said infront of her eyes…

She picked the piece of πŸ— in her hand and gave me a cheers with the the piece she was carrying up in the Air, That was the day i felt, Though she is my sister,but i swear i will never find a friend like her in my entire life

The place she holds in my heart is always alive… Aaah wait i am none other than your ” *Idiot* bhai (Brother) ….

Love you da 😘😘😘

— Abdul Gani Punjabi