Stop that he shouted out loud – do you think i am a fool ? i am trying to help you out – this relationship is not going to work anymore, Dear he is just using you – Please Understand – After hearing All this Jennifer started to cry,she loved him more than anyone she did in her life.

It all started 2 years ago,When RIYA invited her to attend her College Fest.

Already Jennifer was getting bored as she was having holidays – She accepted Riya’s invitation.Just before the day of event Jennifer went for shopping “Ooh Which dress should i select, which one ?”,The red look perfect on you – A whisper from behind. Excuse me ? Did you said something – No nothing.. There was something in his appearance which caught her eye,”My name is Jennifer, and You” – JACOB we are already late – Come On move .

Jacob did not utter a word just look deep into her eyes and left.Strange wasn’t it ? Okk let’s buy this RED one ❤.

Jacob who was that beautiful girl whom you were talking to ? Do You know her ? – No,she just said her name – JENNIFER. JENNIFER -yeah.From the past half hour she was standing infront of mirror holding 2 dresses – Black and Red,Asking herself what to wear ? So i found red appealing to her and said “RED”.Hmm seems like you fall for her, isn’t it ?

Jacob that’s what his friend called out,hmm smart and handsome.From the past an hour i was thinking what to buy and he showed up with the best Answer “RED”.

It’s the day – Hello ! Where are you jenni we need to leave,”on my way riya just reaching your house”..

Ting Tong…..

Hey gorgeous you looking so hot,this dress makes you even more beautiful. Thank You,Jenni replied.Let’s move now or we will miss the biggest show ever.

I wish i could meet him again…

To be Continued….