Freedom is..

Feeling light, secure, safe, comfortable, connected to GOD and the truth.. Freedom is faith in the Almighty God.. Freedom is proper utilization of knowledge.. Freedom is acknowledging the beast-self within you and trying to make it understand – I know you are made to be vulnerable, but I choose to accept you.. and let’s become calm and peaceful within.. !

Freedom is.. getting back to the child like state, when we were born but this time with maturity ❤..

5 thoughts on “Freedom is..

  1. Good thoughts. Good people do not have a beast-self only wrongs they have done. Evil people have a beast-self. I like to get to the natural state of my soul which is the pure essence from God. We have to accept all good people have had different life experiences, some similar but not exactly the same.

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    1. I Believe we all are born with three selfs..! The lower-self(beast self) , the balanced self (the balance between both the selevs) and the higher self (the pure, spirit)..

      Now it’s up to us.. which self do we wanna nurture ❤

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