Let’s crack a serious joke for the first time..!

Once upon a time.. you struggled a lot in your country.. regarding freedom.. and independence in your own country.. and one day you started to fight for independence alone.. and then people joined in.. and became a large group supporting your views.. of independence and freedom..

And after long struggles and challenges, you won.. and your country became independent because of that one step you took and all your efforts..

A great job done.. but at the same time you got to know few of your friends are shifting to another Country.. but you chose willingly to stay in your own country for whose freedom and independence you fought..

After many years someone came and questioned..
” Do you belong to this country? “
Instead of replying, you started to laugh…

Just like that… Just like that.. They forgot who started the fight for freedom and independence..

History is funny.. Isn’t it?

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