Consciense, Ideologies and Life!

How important is an ideology for leading a successful life? I often ask myself.

Well, ideologies differ from person to person. Your ideology is your own, very own set of rules in order to live your life in your desired way and reach its ultimate goal. But often we see that our ideologies don’t go the right way we want them to even if we try hard to make it in the “ideological way” as hard as possible. However, when it doesn’t, here’s where the problems arise.

Misconceptions also arise by the side of it thus raising questions about the rightfulness of the ideology. However, on the flip side, problems are a key, rather a ‘provided time’ to make our ideology more accurate to lead our life. An ideology, however, cannot be made totally accurate in one go. Each time that these problems arise, they make the way to put right the ideology in a better way and make the road of leading to the goal of our life, smoother. The ideology to our life which we had set a long time ago could potentially become more successful after it has gone through many a problem in order to make it more and more flawless. But what is more menacing is not having any ideology at all in life. It results in tougher problems which, when we struggle to get out of, gives rise to hard situations and an unclear and hazy vision towards solving the same. The maze of hard and toiling situations becomes hard to survive in and as time passes, success seems to be a destination too far. 

The right had one said, 

“Every life is full of philosophy, for every life has its own belief, thought, values, and ideologies; which is unique from others!”

-Vashundhara Paul

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