Education: A Thought to Ponder Upon!

Indeed, Education is obligatory (Fard) on every believing men & women!

But the question to reflect upon is: Is the education which leads towards materialism, immorality, individualism, self-obsession – obligatory!

Or the Education which is enlightening, teaches moral & spiritual code of conduct of life, take one closer to the Creator, Strengthen Faith, Prepare for the hereafter, encourage to be a better human being and a beneficial individual to the society, and helps in the upliftment of communities, earn lawfully & be satisfied & content, and learn from the best of the best teacher of Humanity.

Before we fall prey to the narrative of Development & Education take a deep breath & think which education are you planning to promote & what kind of individual are you planning to give back to the society. And which education is truly obligatory (Fard) on believing Men & Women.

Time to think! Wisely.

• Anonymous Thinker

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