My Dear Beloved Future Husband!

I know you keep wondering about me, and we haven’t met yet, but trust me I always pray, hope and wish that you are always in the best of the Health, Iman and Aafiyah!

Today I thought to write this letter to you for expressing my feelings and desires I have for you! They say it was long before our birth Allah (S.W.T) wrote our names together as a pair (Couple) in his book, the book which has everything inscribed in it the past, present and future!

It was not long ago, when I started thinking about my life, future, education, lifestyle, marriage, spouse, family, works, dreams and passions I wish to pursue. And then I started to think about you more consciously and deeply, thinking and pondering about – How my companion of life (you) would be. Where you are, what you are interested & involved in, what kind of life & belief systems do you have, and how are you spending your life –  The hours, days, weeks, months, years! Serving & Involved in which causes!

For me, I have completed my formal education & have pursued my further studies too, people consider & calls me highly qualified, educated, and respect me a lot because of the standard I have maintained in the educational domains. But today, I want to share the truth with you, which I have kept hidden from everyone – Even from my closest of friends. Everyone around me thinks and wishes the best for me, no doubt. Seeing my abilities, skills, knowledge, talents, experiences and other things, they all wish the best of the salary package in the best MNC of the country placing me at a higher dignified and well reputed position, a position which will earn me a high status in the society, and help me to gain an independent lifestyle.

But my dear beloved future husband, I want to share the truth with you in advance and I pray that you also share similar thoughts like mine. I know Allah (S.W.T) has blessed me with lots of skills and potential and it can earn me a fortune. But I have different belief than the rest of the people around me. I wish to spend my life peacefully and content in seclusion with you, support you in all the good things you do and encourage you to excel in it. And at the same time help you to get rid of all the evil ways and path that you may face during the journey. I wish to make myself exclusive for you, making things easy & taking care of you. I always pray to be a good home maker for you, taking care of all of your needs which will earn me the best of the rewards. I wish to cook for you the best of things as I love to cook & serve, and make our house the best of the place where you can find peace, comfort, affection, care and love. I wish to be a righteous and good mother for our children, and prepare them for a better life & hereafter… serving in the cause of Allah (S.W.T).  Also I wish to serve the cause of Allah (S.W.T) whenever and wherever necessary after consulting with you. I wish to use all my knowledge, skills, talents, abilities and experiences not in securing a better position in a company & earning (sacrificing my personal life with you), but to use it for the development of our community & society.

I am someone who loves to read, listen, understand, practice, and apply the teachings of Allah (S.W.T) in my life and wishes to join you along in Ebadaat (Worshiping the Sole Creator – Allah (S.W.T) so that we both can avail. the highest ranks in Jannatul Firdous together by Allah’s Grace and Mercy!

       There are so many other thoughts running through my mind as I am writing this letter to you, of how I am patiently waiting to not only meet you, but be yours. And how hard I am struggling to protect myself from all the evils which have spread out in the Society, specially the Youth!

But I know, Allah (S.W.T) has written the best for me, and he has always provided me with the best. And this time it will be you!

I pray for you always, though we have not met! But you are always in my prayers. I pray for your health, ease in your works, firmness in Iman, closeness to Allah (S.W.T), protection from all kinds of evils and harms… and many more things. Things which I would love to share with you once we are united and I am in your arms.

I know you might be surprised reading this all, but I wanted to share this with you. The kind of life I wish to spend with you! Exclusively!

There are so many other things I wanted to write… but as for now, I am sitting here on my prayer mat praying & writing this to you during Tahajjud period!

In the end, I just want to tell you… My Dear Beloved Future husband… Stay rest assured, I am keeping myself pure & away from all the evils & sins and trying my best to resist from all the evil desires because I know… you are also fighting the same battle on your side! So until we meet, I will keep praying for you. And I definitely know – You also pray for me secretly! And I LOVE YOU A LOT FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH (S.W.T), and want to meet you soon! Very Soon!


Your Loving, Caring, Faithful, Loyal and Lifelong Companion,

Your Future Wife

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