I wanna sleep below the open sky.. in the sahara..

.. I wanna dream in germany..

… Wanna blink my eyes in Austria..

.. Wanna breathe free air in Amazon..

…. Wanna wake up in Spain..

… Have my breakfast in Turkey..

… And my tea in Arabian Desert..

… With cuisine in Spain..

… Purchasing clothes from France..

… And my favourite watch from Japan..

.. and the best eye glasses from Hungary..

… With romantic shades of Paris..

.. I wanna walk with her in Vienna..

… And propose her in Finland..

… And kiss her in the land of dreams..

…. And climb with her on the world’s largest mountain.. Mt Everest afterall..

…. And to invite our families on the cruise I will own in Portugal ..

…. With snacks served in Hong Kong..

…. And the calming massage in Thailand..

..I wanna look into her eyes on the lunch in Netherlands…

.. With a plan of visiting our next destination in Poland..

… On our long drive towards Norway..

… In the world’s best car purchased from New-zealand..

… I wanna hug her tight in morroco..

… And have kids in canada..

… And pray dedicatedly in Ukraine..

..With the dreams to visit Italy..

… With my family who lives in Scotland currently..

.. I wanna play with my childrens in Iceland..

..And I wanna.. Meet my soulmates in Australia....

.. and exhale the purest air in Jordan..

… Visits the museums in Switzerland..

… and listen in the Russian accent..

… take a bus tour to Singapore..

… and a business meetings in Dubai..

… And initiate our plans in Sweden..

… with allies in America..

… and a peaceful speech in Israel..

…. with a peaceful death in Makkah..

… and get buried in beloved city of medina…

I wanna wake up… Everywhere yet nowhere..


— All rights reserved 14/08/2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi


For those who wanna grow and are searching for light !..
Welcome to my breath-taking blog, where you will meet yourself in depth..
I was nominated by one of my frequent reader, Sadia Noor .. Thank you Sadia for this opportunity..
She is more into life stuff, Following depth and insights.. You will like her short-quotes through which she tells an entire story in one line… A blessed writer…
So, here comes my third quote.. I won’t copy paste someone else quote.. but I will create my own !!


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Here is the Quote of Day#3

If you have it in you … They will hunt you down – Even before you try to approach them.. So run towards your dreams.. they will find you ! and the opportunities will overflow..

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

Nominees of the day#3

1) ZeesView (Visiting her site is like, visiting our old precious days of life – Childhood passion)

2) ABHIJITH PADMAKUMAR (Motivation is his passion.. So is sharing quotes ! .. Let’s get the challenge done.. Wanna know your quotes 😉)

3)Shantanu Baruah (All about Life 😊)..

Hey.. I nominated you guys.. I won’t force anyone to participate, have fun.. See you with amazing quotes !

The day after an year…

Message to my 2019 !

Morning 9 a.m I heard my phone ringing, I was in no mood to pick it up..

The previous day was great, and as I imagined a source of inspiration for many.. Thanks to my 19 years old self (20-fri/July/2018) for stepping ahead of the boundaries and stepping out of the comfort zone, the best thing was I never pressurized myself, neither did I forced myself to work up.. I wanted things to happen in my way, and I set out on my journey…

Since last year I have been conducting motivational session in mumbai, and felt satisfied when I just delivered my 19th professional seminar.. It felt so good when you are surrounded by so many well-known people and they all patiently wait to listen what you have to say.. Thank you Abdul Gani for creating this life ahead..

The book I started writing last year, I have completed it and had informed many of it’s existence into the market. You really are pursuing your dreams… I know you were not born to be normal, You never understood the word normal.. You created your own unique self..

Do you know… Few days ago, I met a CEO of one of the world’s best known industry, and he invited me to his country for connecting with people there…

You saw Abdul? That’s how life works.. Opportunity created when you pursue your dreams… Travelling the world Abdul.. Travelling – Adventure.. Here it is !..

I must say.. You really have a good balance over academics as well as professional activities… My exams went great.. Just because this time I studied with all my heart and energy.. and the result will be great too…

Mom is happy, So is Dad ! They say: This is what we prayed for, a son who will serve, serve with the best… Because Mercy, Knowledge, and guidance of GOD is what we ask for you !… Miz(Elder Sis) is excited to know more about my sessions, and aymii (Lil sis) is excited to travel along with me in the future… You really set an entirely different mark for your family history, (I guess – in the world)…

Aaah.. I forgot – the call.. Let me pick it up..

Cell: Good Morning – Am I speaking to Abdul Gani Punjabi?

Me: Yes, How may I help you?

Cell: I attended your session yesterday, It was life-changing.. I stay in Germany, and I would like to invite you to our country for your session…

I don’t know what to say ! I am speechless.. I see my dreams getting fulfilled ….

Dear Abdul, Do your best, Be your best, Build up the best character and attitude, and have a learning mindset and pursue knowledge at whatever cost… I Love you Abdul, and I am seeing you getting ahead in life… Stand firm on your path… You understand your path more than anyone in this world…

Thank you for making my this year every moment worth living !

Today – 27/April/2019…

…. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams except DEATH.. So stay humble …

#Make it feel Real

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi