I wanna sleep below the open sky.. in the sahara..

.. I wanna dream in germany..

… Wanna blink my eyes in Austria..

.. Wanna breathe free air in Amazon..

…. Wanna wake up in Spain..

… Have my breakfast in Turkey..

… And my tea in Arabian Desert..

… With cuisine in Spain..

… Purchasing clothes from France..

… And my favourite watch from Japan..

.. and the best eye glasses from Hungary..

… With romantic shades of Paris..

.. I wanna walk with her in Vienna..

… And propose her in Finland..

… And kiss her in the land of dreams..

…. And climb with her on the world’s largest mountain.. Mt Everest afterall..

…. And to invite our families on the cruise I will own in Portugal ..

…. With snacks served in Hong Kong..

…. And the calming massage in Thailand..

..I wanna look into her eyes on the lunch in Netherlands…

.. With a plan of visiting our next destination in Poland..

… On our long drive towards Norway..

… In the world’s best car purchased from New-zealand..

… I wanna hug her tight in morroco..

… And have kids in canada..

… And pray dedicatedly in Ukraine..

..With the dreams to visit Italy..

… With my family who lives in Scotland currently..

.. I wanna play with my childrens in Iceland..

..And I wanna.. Meet my soulmates in Australia....

.. and exhale the purest air in Jordan..

… Visits the museums in Switzerland..

… and listen in the Russian accent..

… take a bus tour to Singapore..

… and a business meetings in Dubai..

… And initiate our plans in Sweden..

… with allies in America..

… and a peaceful speech in Israel..

…. with a peaceful death in Makkah..

… and get buried in beloved city of medina…

I wanna wake up… Everywhere yet nowhere..


— All rights reserved 14/08/2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi

26 thoughts on “I wanna sleep below the open sky.. in the sahara..

  1. (with a peaceful death in Makkah..
    and get buried in beloved city of medina..)
    Such a lovely post I’ve read.
    I pray to Allah, may all of your dreams come true.

    Liked by 3 people

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