The lows..

I am feeling this again where I am full of energy, but my body is weak due to flow of stress..

The energy is high, which is connecting me to life..

She said, she had been in a relationship, which got broken after the month they lived together and found themselves not compatible to each others life..

When she said about her past, I felt weak for not expressing my emotions for her in my life…

I reacted as if everything was fine, but from within – my energy filled up high..

I had felt it before – when thought to give up on life.. But that was the moment that raised me high…

— All rights reserved 2018

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

I am not ignoring “YOU”..

Dear “YOU”…

I wish I had that strength to tell this sitting next to you, holding your hands.. and keeping my head on your shoulder..

We have been friends from a long time, we have shared almost everything in life.. From my life to my family life.. You know me for who I am.. You also know that I am a reserved person for those who don’t know me.. and for those who knows me I am the One..

Dear you, Today I want to tell you… I am not ignoring you.. I read each and every message of yours, and remember our beautiful friendship.. and you know this very well I forgave you long back.. I don’t want to remind you of the bad, though it had penetrated into my soul.. It hurts.. Yes It’s paining but I can’t share it openly with you..

You might assume that I don’t value you, nor do I reply to you.. But deep down I need time for myself.. as you know I am facing challenges, but I am standing firm on my path..

You know this very well, life has different paths and ways, for all of us.. We are together, yet not together..

There was a time when I had a bestfriend, and I was not in a state to know my own potential.. so she ignored me.. and that really hurts.. and the state in which I was, was a state of despair and hopelessness..

I used to think I don’t have any value, nor can I ever move ahead in life without her.. But she had me stronger.. We are even more good friend than before.. because we understand each other..

I know I lack strength to tell you, but yes.. I need sometime for myself.. That doesn’t mean I am losing you or wanna get rid of you.. It’s just that I am not stable to face so many situations right now..

I hope someday you know this.. I see you.. your presence.. your value.. But I just don’t reply.. because I need time to heal.. I have a storm inside me..

We are friends.. and we will be! It’s just that we need to find our treasures on our own.. ! I am always here..

So don’t ever assume I am Ignoring you..



I hope “She’s” message reaches to “YOU” through “ME”...

#Truth of life.. ! Friendship

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

She said: Past is Past.. So forget it.. Live in the present…

… For the first time I shivered.. on hearing her saying about the past…

I saw grief, fear, loss, pain, suffering, tears, rejection, betrayal, and loss connection with inner-voice.. in her eyes.. Which she is still trying to hide with her fake, yet real smile..

— Your past matters.. It is the treasure that unlock our future.. and provide peace in our present…

— I hope she read this, and acknowledge that it’s about her…

Am I the best brother? I doubted… But this is what my sister wrote for me..

She is 14, and right now in 8th std..


Dear Bunny, Bro, Ag, Abu Lily.

How Are You? Hope So You Are Fine? InshaAllah(if GOD wills) !

I am very happy that this is your last year of graduation, and also this is the Last year of Mizu(My Elder Sis). I know that mom is angry with you but you know it why – right? I just want to tell you that Me & Mizu are always with you, this Is not enough that we are with you but also we all love you. You know why we are angry from you and scold you because We love you and care about you. I know when you was small mom, Beat you the most because you was the naughty once. But now we all love you. And never worry about mom and dad because nowadays I am like you I tease mom and dad a lot and get beatings but you don’t worry they are fine and always if you need help or felling lonely call Me and Mizu. I know that there(India) you like more than here(Saudi Arabia) but we are also missing you, there your life is buzy that’s why you like there. But its ok When you showed me that Mizu use to write for you letters then I also thought to write for you.

So I would like to say:






—– Abdul Gani Punjabi



Umeed [Hope]

Umeedien nahi hai tumse, ye kahta rahta hun mai sada..

(I don’t have any hopes from you, I use to tell her everytime)

Khash samaj sakho tum iske peeche ki wajah..
(I wish someday you understand the reason behind it)

Mai nahi hu khafa tujhse aaee meri jan-e-jigar..

(I am not angry with you.. Oh my sweet heart)

Bus aaj kal chahta hai dil sunna ghahraaeeon ki aawaz.. Chahiye thoda sa waqt khud per zara

(It just that my heart want to hear the voices from depth, So I need sometime for me)

Kimat lagana kaam nahi tha mera, bus itna samaj sakta hun.. tujhe khone se darta hun sada..

(To decide a price/value was not my Job, But I can understand this.. I am afraid to lose you – forever)

Kya ye pyar hai..? Wo puchti hai har pal ke mulaqat mai..

(Is this love..? She asks me at every moments of our meetings)

Bus aaj tak bata nahi paya.. mai wo hi hun jisse tune manga duwaoon mai sada..

(It just that till today I couldn’t say her.. I am the only one whom you keep asking to GOD in prayers)

— All rights reserved 2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi