I am not ignoring “YOU”..

Dear “YOU”…

I wish I had that strength to tell this sitting next to you, holding your hands.. and keeping my head on your shoulder..

We have been friends from a long time, we have shared almost everything in life.. From my life to my family life.. You know me for who I am.. You also know that I am a reserved person for those who don’t know me.. and for those who knows me I am the One..

Dear you, Today I want to tell you… I am not ignoring you.. I read each and every message of yours, and remember our beautiful friendship.. and you know this very well I forgave you long back.. I don’t want to remind you of the bad, though it had penetrated into my soul.. It hurts.. Yes It’s paining but I can’t share it openly with you..

You might assume that I don’t value you, nor do I reply to you.. But deep down I need time for myself.. as you know I am facing challenges, but I am standing firm on my path..

You know this very well, life has different paths and ways, for all of us.. We are together, yet not together..

There was a time when I had a bestfriend, and I was not in a state to know my own potential.. so she ignored me.. and that really hurts.. and the state in which I was, was a state of despair and hopelessness..

I used to think I don’t have any value, nor can I ever move ahead in life without her.. But she had me stronger.. We are even more good friend than before.. because we understand each other..

I know I lack strength to tell you, but yes.. I need sometime for myself.. That doesn’t mean I am losing you or wanna get rid of you.. It’s just that I am not stable to face so many situations right now..

I hope someday you know this.. I see you.. your presence.. your value.. But I just don’t reply.. because I need time to heal.. I have a storm inside me..

We are friends.. and we will be! It’s just that we need to find our treasures on our own.. ! I am always here..

So don’t ever assume I am Ignoring you..



I hope “She’s” message reaches to “YOU” through “ME”...

#Truth of life.. ! Friendship

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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