She said: Past is Past.. So forget it.. Live in the present…

… For the first time I shivered.. on hearing her saying about the past…

I saw grief, fear, loss, pain, suffering, tears, rejection, betrayal, and loss connection with inner-voice.. in her eyes.. Which she is still trying to hide with her fake, yet real smile..

— Your past matters.. It is the treasure that unlock our future.. and provide peace in our present…

— I hope she read this, and acknowledge that it’s about her…

3 thoughts on “She said: Past is Past.. So forget it.. Live in the present…

  1. Don’t leave in the past, Abdul.
    Of course, as any human, you may love unconditionally a person but if that person doesen’t respond it means it’s not meant to be, it’s not yours to be and she doesen’t deserve you.
    Head up, look straight. The perfect girl for you is just around the corner!

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