Umeed [Hope]

Umeedien nahi hai tumse, ye kahta rahta hun mai sada..

(I don’t have any hopes from you, I use to tell her everytime)

Khash samaj sakho tum iske peeche ki wajah..
(I wish someday you understand the reason behind it)

Mai nahi hu khafa tujhse aaee meri jan-e-jigar..

(I am not angry with you.. Oh my sweet heart)

Bus aaj kal chahta hai dil sunna ghahraaeeon ki aawaz.. Chahiye thoda sa waqt khud per zara

(It just that my heart want to hear the voices from depth, So I need sometime for me)

Kimat lagana kaam nahi tha mera, bus itna samaj sakta hun.. tujhe khone se darta hun sada..

(To decide a price/value was not my Job, But I can understand this.. I am afraid to lose you – forever)

Kya ye pyar hai..? Wo puchti hai har pal ke mulaqat mai..

(Is this love..? She asks me at every moments of our meetings)

Bus aaj tak bata nahi paya.. mai wo hi hun jisse tune manga duwaoon mai sada..

(It just that till today I couldn’t say her.. I am the only one whom you keep asking to GOD in prayers)

— All rights reserved 2018

– Abdul Gani Punjabi

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