1. Lower Your Voice..
  2. Respect when you speak (Speak wisely)..
  3. Listen patiently..
  4. Make them aware of their strengths and need.. to convey the message..
  5. Keep yourself updated..
  6. Attitude – Positive & Confident..
  7. No personal grudges, Neither personal friendship at the time of work..
  8. Be loyal with your Work – Don’t fake your attitude or behaviour..
  9. Don’t talk “Unworthy Talk”.. (Save energy & strength for things that are useful..
  10. Keep emotions aside, but do listen..
  11. Personality – keep in check..
  12. Personal life and professional life.. ! A thin line to be drawn..
  13. Don’t be dependent, but be Interdependent.. (You can go alone.. & check the things you fear.. You have the authority of your life..)
  14. Don’t fake eye-contact.. to create fear or negative emotions..


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— Abdul Gani Punjabi