Things I love..

Love Adventure (Swimming + Mountaineering + Scuba diving + bungee jumping + Racing + horse/camel riding + skating + skiing + sky diving)

love communicating

Love helping voluntarily

Love to solve dispute

Love to reading Novels and Things related to psychology + spirituality + Different ideas and beliefs.

love spending time in Nature .

Love taking risk and chance.

Love star gazing + Moon + Bird watching + sleeping below the sky + Spending night in Tents.

Love visiting Villages + know their culture and love the Fresh air .

Love visiting historical places.

Relaxing near waterfalls

Love voice of Thunder and Rain.

Love the moments of seeing someone in Love or together

Love to listen to stories and Telling them a story.

Love to write short phrases or poem

love to spread positivity and helping them to know their strength and weakness.

love to get educated and educate other.

Love singing + dancing + cooking + cleaning.

Love computer stuff and love to changes parts of hardware.

Love to connect electrical appliance and repairing them.

love watching meaningful movies(Korean Chinese thai) + documentaries + Pakistani drama.

Love to find root of the problem.

Love to ask questions in depth and clearing concept completely.

love Travelling in Train + bus + car + aeroplane + bike + bicycle and specially my 2 legs ๐Ÿ˜‚ )

Love Animals = Horse + cat + rabbit + goat.

Love to do farm activities.

Like to take responsibility for my acts.

Love public Speaking

Love Football + cricket + badminton

Love eating New type Of Food specially at dhaba (Chai at dhaba and enjoy the view)


I drive Bike/Active without thinking- No thoughts.

Always feels like i am at home Wherever i might be โค

#Things I love

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

The “ME” I Was… !

Do things myself whatever it might be. (Doing it myself gives me satisfaction)


Always late .(Preparing at the end Moment)

Taking memories for granted .

Using thinking power less.

Starting at the last moment (but achieve better results)

Anxiety. (Coped up with depression).

Fear of failure.

Fear of lack of support and Lack of Acceptance.

Fear of getting rejected.

Fear of taking decision. (And let others decide for me and then i regret it later)

Fear of getting into a Fight. (Consider myself weak)

Fear of Speaking the Truth. (The Moment i want to speak but does not Speak the truth my energy gets drained)

Fear of Not getting Appreciated.

Fear of Leadership (What if no one follows me )and responsibilities (What if i fail to carry out the things)

Fear of Not having A real friend (Though i have friends but i need them with me so that we can meet each other (Discuss daily life & share) and chillx out in 2-4 months) and Live alone the whole life.

Fear of suppressed thoughts and emotions.

Fear of Past failures in Love (They thought me what to do and what not to ๐Ÿ˜‡)

Fear of Losing Someone special.

Fear of being Ignored

Fear of drowning.

Fear of asking questions.


—- Abdul Gani Punjabi