The Speaking Diary


It was not long ago I remember started sharing my learnings on my Podcast (The Speaking Diary), the urge to learn, grow & gain knowledge! Couldn’t stop me from reaching out to phenomenal people, and record their journey in this Diary! Which will soon be found in 7 Continents & 200+ Countries!

In the span of 1 month, I got the opportunity to meet & learn from people across different countries! But this is just the beginning of my Voyage!

Join me in the inspirational process of Inspiring the 21st Century on The Speaking Diary (Podcast), Because I am doing this for my family (All my followers & Connections) to get inspired and find more meaning in life!

So take that step forward and join me on the journey:



Also, I hope you are staying safe & plan to do great things! And someday I would like to interact with you as well!

Would you like to talk to me someday? So let’s schudule a Zoom Meet for a conversation & learn something interesting from each other!

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