Why English?!


English, English and English.
What is a person doing in the 21st century if he doesn’t understand English? The person is living a tough life struggling over basics?
The person may be struggling over smallest aspects of communication? Maybe or Maybe Not

In a country like India, where nothing called as “ENGLISH” existed some 200 – 250 years ago, is now the World’s 2nd Largest Country speaking English.

English is considered as a global language, close to 336 Million people speak it as their native language whereas close to 839 Million speakers use it as “secondary/optional language”

If close to 1.8 Billion people use English, the value of english must be something really high!
Just to bring into your notice – English is the language which is the most widely spoken across the world!

From India to Istanbul, from Russia to Rio, From Switzerland to Saudi Arabia
All countries have english speaking population

As far as present scenarios are concerned, learning English language (if not possible professionally) some basics of the language are must.

Learning of english language is a must, but a person must not forget their own values, the cultures which our language/country teaches.

In the end: The knowledge of English Language in the 21st century is a must, but keeping our moral and ethical values in our mind and heart always!

Take Care! Stay Safe!

~Samiksha Bhandari

Email ID: samiksha2505bhandari@gmail.com

Link to blog: https://samikshabhandari.blogspot.com

Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/samiksha_2505_?igshid=1xe7o3vvk2c48

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