Thinking like a father…


It all starts with feeling safe, secure and prepared when a boy is ready to become a father… After going through the basics of life of schooling, getting a degree and then a job! It all starts with the thought of having someone very close and intimate to share your life with…

But the thought itself is not enough, If It does not provokes you to think far and with depth… depth reaching so below that you already have things decided in your mind about the housing, lifestyle, your choices and your spouse choices, the household necessities, the adventures in life together, feeling the emotions of joy, happiness, sadness, grief, anger, surprise, depression, confusion, fear, peace and love! And most importantly, consciously creating and sharing your life together towards a common destination…

But things do not stop there… Because the excitement and joy of becoming a father starts popping in… And with that you start to enter into a new zone and dynamic… Dynamics such as their (children) upbringing, the culture and atmosphere at home, the principle and values by which they will observe their parents and lead a phenomenal life, the expression and show of love, concerns and healthy boundaries. And an open mind and heart ready to forgive them for their mistakes, and guide them with wisdom and patience whenever you find them slipping into the wrong track! And most importantly to become courageous to let them explore their lives under your safety, security and protection! And keeping a healthy watch on their habits, choices. lifestyle & friend circle!


And to be a true father you need to see life in a bird eye view from above, and be ready with all kind of rough and tough situation in all kind of scenarios. Taking care of the relationships with yourself (introspection) to that of maintaing positive relations with your in-laws, and the future families of your children.


As a father you see things in depth, becoming aware, conscious and concerned about the things which you can offer and how you can fulfil your responsibilities at the best! Even if salt is missing from the kitchen, you are aware of what’s missing and how soon you can fulfil the needs of the home!

I believe, being a father opens up horizons of thinking and gives you an idea/glimpse of God’s wisdom: How he operates and take care of his creation throughout their lifecycle.

And before I end up with this article, let me tell you few qualities of an ideal father:

  • Visionary & Planner
  • Big hearted (Loves unconditionally & forgives easily)
  • Organized
  • Executive
  • Accountable & Responsible

I personally think if the above qualities are present in a boy, he is all ready to become a father!

A father who is willing to go through all the hardship & suffering joyously like water smoothly passing through the foothills and river! Because once it reaches the oceans, he knows the pleasure and joy is beyond comprehension!

Sometimes, to understand the love of a father for his children, check his income and compare how much does he spends on himself and on his children!

You will find the answer without speaking a single word!

The unspoken words of a father!

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