As a daughter & sister how would you like..

your father or brother show love to you πŸ’œ.. In what ways?

Let’s understand what exactly girls expect..

I would love to read your comments along with the likes..!

24 thoughts on “As a daughter & sister how would you like..

  1. Love of a father and a brother is caring…helping…give excuses..stand by her side in difficult situations…
    I do not have a father or a brother..but life is good any way ..

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      1. I think a good husband and father is the one who makes his family safe all the time..
        Try as much as you can to spend your free time with your wife and children instead of spending it with your friends…
        Be a friend to your wife and children…friendship between the members of the one family is so important…that’s what I believe in…

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      2. This is helpful. And I understood that. But I meant what more can be done?

        Giving gifts? appreciating something? I am asking about that.. Something specific.


      3. Yes…
        I think appreciating is more important than giving things…
        Girls and women like to hear good words …encouraging words..that leaves a great effect on them…words can do miracles..

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  2. Things that I liked… When my brothers would include me in things. I was taken to concerts and movies. Even just hanging out together at their homes talking or watching a movie was enough.

    My oldest brother would sometimes come home with new music for me. One of my cousins read stories to me and just treated me like I was special, important, loved. All of these things are nice, but I kind of think that everyone wants these things. It shows that someone thinks about you.

    My dad knew that I was missing the horses when we moved so he took me horseback riding. He provided everything I needed. (Not necessarily what I wanted, but what I needed) Because I was the only girl I had my own room (so privacy… important when you’re the only female.)

    Things I didn’t like…

    Being teased or embarrassed on purpose because they thought it was amusing. The lack of real closeness (now). It happens. People get busy…

    Being treated like I’m niave, not too bright, or I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’m assuming that’s how they see me (poor communication) but sometimes it sure feels that way.

    Example: My dad once asked me why I don’t wear glasses because everyone else in our family needs glasses. He asked me if it was for vanity reasons. So what I hear is “You’re a flake who’d avoid wearing glasses to look good. No, I actually see fine, Dad. It’s been a long time since I was a teenager, and no I wouldn’t run the risk of walking into walls for the sake of beauty. Lol…. Anyways. That’s what I mean by being treated like I have no brain. But it’s complicated… Family stuff always is.

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  3. My father scolds me when I get sick, but he sit beside me untill i sleep.
    And when he scolds me, my younger brother who is just 11 years old, knowing that he might get some punishment fight with my dad for being so rude to me.
    Both things are unexplainable

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  4. I love that you asked this question! I love it when my dad uses affectionate language with me. He’s the only one in the world that calls me β€œNiffer.” He also tells me frequently how proud he is of me, and looks for ways to bless me. There’s nothing in the world like a daddy’s love and attention!

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  5. I only had sisters and daughter but I can tell you what I loved about my father and my husband. Kind words with patience. Tenderness when I felt bad. I loved when they made me feel safe by doing whatever had to be done to protect us. Most importantly, when I felt loved by their actions of special deeds and not just verbalizing the word. What a wonderful topic for you to post about. I wrote something about my youngest daughter when she left the nest. I know it is not about a father, son, or brother but there really is no difference as we all need to feel loved.

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