I see Humans but no HUMANITY!

Are humans really the best creation of almighty? Well yes, we are! Starting from the micro organisms which can’t be seen through naked eyes to the macro organisms which can be seen even by a myopic eye. Through this whole range of organisms humans are at the first rank. Scientifically humans come in the category of animals and are called as homosapiens ( from Latin: homo – man ; sapiens – wise ) meaning wise man, because we are blessed with the ability of complex thinking, ability to evolve with time, full blown language capacity as well as reasoning abilities, an efficient memory and much more.

But the most important thing which distinguishes us ( humans ) from the rest is humanity! Leaving the scientific things aside, from my point of view humans are the one who do something for the betterment of mankind, they do mistakes but they know how to correct it, even if they don’t know you but still they’ll love you because they believe we all are connected by the same string ( the string of humanity), they have the courage to fight for the righteous and most importantly they use their knowledge in the best way possible. Humanity is something which accomidates all these qualities in such a way which can’t be seen but can be felt by every single act of the humans!

Now the thing is we see humans but no humanity! Because we changed the way of looking at things, and this change is not a positive change. Example: earlier when people saw animals like Tiger, Elephant, Deer etc they used to get fascinated by their unique characteristics and saw them as living creatures but now we see the same animals as commodities! Everything is same but the only thing which changed is our perspective towards things. We all know everything has two sides a bad and a good, but Alas! even though we are homosapiens but our decisions are not wise. We failed to understand difference between needs and wants and murdered something called as “HUMANITY”.



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