I know saying this hurts while in reality being alone have it’s own cost.Everyone somewhere in life is Alone. Most of them feel it while the rest are better at hiding it by diverting their minds by getting indulge in toxic relationship or drug addicition.When the interest in life reduces to zero their is nothing that motivates us, Just sitting idle doing nothing feeling stuck in the same day again and again with no productivity at all– it’s damn killing.

But believe me you are not alone there are people next to you who have lost the most in their life. Their scars are bigger than yours,what kept them moving was the pain and eagerness to do something in life.Life becomes harder for those who sit and wait for things to happen – this is life where you have to get things done yourself,not because you have to do it but because doing it yourself will give you a sense of satisfaction,sense of responsibility and mostly the inner-joy.

People have been through heart-break,rejection,lack of appreciation,misunderstandings,lack of love,lost of job,lost of loved one’s,faliure at their work place,continously losing things – that is what have made them lose interest in life.And i can understand that very well – i have been through it,lived through those dark periods,had experienced the worst of the pain. “ IT’S JUST NOT YOU WHO IS SUFFERING,THERE ARE BILLIONS OUT THERE SUFFERING ”.We need courage to get out of it,courage from within that says “Now is the time to change our circumstances,it’s time to bounce back and prove ourselves that we are worthy enough to live in this world.Start doing things we love to do and not what the world want us to do,We have that right to take decision for ourself – It’s time to start saying “No” to things we don’t like. And to get tuned up with what we wanna do.Life is a complex mechanism which keeps giving different experiences, Let’s experience this beautiful life together.

You have fought billions before birth to be in this world. You are not a loser,you just don’t know who you really are..  – Know your potential and give back to this wonderful world.




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