The world’s most successful people are those who have faced the hardest of time. There came a time to them when their mind said ‘NO’ but the Heart said ‘YES’. A calling towards the purpose of their life. Our whole lifetime we keep searching for our passion – our purpose in life, some find it easily while some find it in the last year of life. Life is a complex mechanism running through the choices we take, each choice can either give a positive result or a negative – the positive gives us confidence will the negative helps us grow – but it’s upon you how to learn from the failure. There are those who lose up hope in the race of life and conclude their precious life with suicide. While there are others who live with depression for many years and find out who they really are and prove it to the world.

In this modern period of life there are very few who will encourage you to follow your dreams while the rest will tear your spirit apart. But believe me those who themselves are failure will drag you down and it’s not your job to pull them up.

First, Listen to your heart connect with the source/energy that lives within you once you acknowledge it – you will be unstoppable. Our destiny is already decided before we were born but it’s upon us by which choices we reach our Destiny.

The call had already been made it just you who is not picking up the call.
           –— Abdul Gani Punjabilisten-to-your-heart-1-638.jpg

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