Why can’t you behave in a “Normal” way ? – She asked him. He replied,”Normal – This is my normal”. That was the last time they ever had there conversation. Why is it so hard to accept the other person as they are ? People have there NORMAL according to them,let see this example. John loves to interact with each and every person he meet,his wife (Liyana) thinks that being so open and friendly seems weird. Now, on one hand It’s John’s character to meet people in that way,while liyana does not likes it. Liyana Says to john – Honey,you need to act “Normal” when you meet people,while for John it’s already normal. This “Being normal” has caused as much problem as no other thing has. For the next time you meet a person,before telling him/her be normal – explain it to them “What according to you Normal is”. — Abdul Gani Punjabi

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