They thought it was Fun ..

This time my birthday was different, it was 12 when my roommate appeared and bought a 6 rupees small cup cake, as ususal i was lying on my bed,no expectation. And suddenly the light goes off and a sound appear from the corner “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”.. Hmm seems exciting before i woke up they gathered and pour all the colgate on to my face and rub it all over- i was quite as it was a new experience and then appears the small cupcake and before it reaches my mouth it gets smashed all over my face..And then as eveyone knows the hostel rule “Birthday Boom” it’s time to wrap/throw the blanket and beat as much as you can.So came that time blanket over me and they started to beat – it was fine before but then one of my room mate who i think is NARCISSIST started beating me hard as if it was a fight, i resisted- but can’t say a thing, everyone dispersed and then i said a group photo please and a thank you to All. And i turned to him and said “that was very hard watch out”.. I went wash myself,back in the room and again it started he was the only on who said “aur ek baar hojaye” and i said no already but then he said “abhi biscuit baki hai” so everyone came with a biscuit and gave one by one.Then again when one of them was given me a biscuit,he threw the blanket over me and start beating again(this was not fun this time it was something serious) everyone hit me but this time he “SLAPPED ME ON MY EAR”.. This was too hard- for a second everything stopped and a voice “teeeeeeeeee” appeared – wait did i just lost my hearing capacity. Ouch it’s painful..It’s NUMB – i can’t hear a thing – Ouch am not even able to hear my own voice when i am talking..Ahh was this my birthday gift. Let see what happens tomorrow.

Fever and pain – the next day start, it’s paining and i am not able to think anything,it’s blur, can’t hear a voice – that day went sick and tiring, boring day.. Went to grandma home and told her the story she said meet a doc., hmm need to – that’s important now but it was a day to meet friend and enjoy,so met my friends – that meeting sucks.. went to my aunt house had dinner with them was back by 12.

The next day,woke up and again in fever, called up the hospital asked for the doctor timing, met the doctor “What happened?”, i replied her with the incident and then she said “YOU LOST YOUR EAR DRUM”? , i knew because a day before I surffed on youtube and saw the video, what happen when you get a slap?. I replied “ It need 7-8 months to heal right,and put up cotton in the ear,no water – no air RIGHT?” .. she looked in amazement “You already know what to do” .. My bad luck i knew – lost my ear and now need to have tests and reports and medicines. Though it’s not my fault now i need to spend my money for healing up myself.

There are many out there who keep quiet and don’t utter a word. But today i wanna speak for all of them.. It’s not a joke – it can cause you a life time damage.


What would you have done if you were in place of me .

True incident that changed my life – ABDUL GANI PUNJABI


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