I existed from the very beginning..

You have heard about me from various sources.. They call me evil, and with all the flawes..

I have existed from the beginning of time, yet they think I am the one who causes destruction of life..

Have you ever sat near to me, and heard the calming voice I speak from within..

They saw my upper body and told I was frustrated, but they never saw the life I was giving..

They survive after drinking a drop of me, but still they curse me for drowning their loved one..

Yes, I agree I act wild, but that does not mean I am made to destroy human life..

The one who heard my voice knows well what hidden courageous challenges I hide..

If you never leanrt swimming, then why do you come to me with an ugly mind..

The swimmers never cursed me, because they have acknowledged the fear of dying..

They float freely, why don’t you look at them? Why do you always keep references to the one who died?

I breathe in stillness, and teach you about life… How to live on your own without being dependent on anyone who smiles..

I wanna teach you the secrets of life, but tell me first – Are you willing to break through from what evil and lies you know about me, and embrace me with a new mindset full of confidence and a source of rejuvenating your life?

I am present beneath the surface, and sometimes flow from the rocky stones and dangerous height..

Yes that was enough to introduce me, because my defination changes from life to life..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

8 thoughts on “I existed from the very beginning..

  1. Amazing, ‘the words of a river’ , its right, actually i was also thinking like this, but u expressed the feeling well,
    if any natural calamity occurs, everyone will curse the blessings from the God, which is actually the blessing!! I heard that people are cursing the river as well as the rain during the flood just happened, but actually, the reason was the man itself, it was we who interfered and destroyed the naturality of the rivers, rain and the earth in the name of ‘development’ and as u beautifully pointed out that, its the same rain then water bodies through which we are getting our essential thing ‘water’, even then , if anything happened, we just forget everything and starts to curse also forget the fact that ‘we’ are the actual reason behind these disasters.
    Alhamdulillah Allah had given us numerous blessings, but we are ungrateful , instead of seeing the blessings, we always complains .
    Really like it Abdul!! great attempt!!i got understood that ‘ there are people who see the universe in a great perspective , which is somehow different as well as real!!’ Alhamdulillah

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  2. “They survive after drinking a drop of me, but still they curse me for drowning their loved one”. Whoa… This is the very best piece I read today. I have always loved water. I secretly had always wanted to be a mermaid when I was really young. Water element always calms me down even when I am in crazy situations. Water is totally not fatal at all. Water is the best shape-shifter. It could be anything. It could break; it could mend. Just… totally amazing element in an amazing work.

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