If there is a day that is more beloved to Allah/GOD.. Then It’s today(In India).. The Day Of Arafat… The day before EID..

Today I wanna pray.. Pray for our upcoming life…

YA Allah(Oh Almighty God)..

I know I have sinned, I have done most of the things opposing to your laws..

I have turned from the right path many times..

I broke many hearts knowing and unknowingly..

I have used bitter words..

I have acted arrogant and rude..

I have been jealous, bitter, and dominating..

I have not respected my parents as they are supposed to be respected..

I have misbehaved with my family and relatives..

I have been ungrateful..

I have used my body parts for things that are unlawful..

I have used my hands unjustly and have hit many without reason..

I have told lies, and hid the truth..

I have committed crime against my own conscience..

I have cheated for my own benefits forgetting the rest..

I have ran away from the responsibilities I was to abide by ..

I have blamed others for my mistakes..

I have used my knowledge to help falsehood..

I have used my authority and position for showing off my power over others…

I broke many promises, and told them lies..

I have revealed their secrets, and had stabbed them with backbitting behind their backs, with a fake smile..

I have seen evils with my eyes..

And heard voices that gave me pleasure for a while, and corrupted my soul for a long span of time..

I have used my legs, to go to places where corruption of soul was as easy as taking a drop of water from the ocean of life..

I have committed mistakes.. I have showed sign of despair and hopelessness.. Forgetting all of your blessing that you have blessed me with…

and now I have known I have been lacking behind.. BUT..

I am no more hopeless now.. Because I have so much to ask from the creator of Life (Allah)

Ya Allah (O Almighty God) bless me, my mom and dad’s family, my sisters, and all of those who are present and absent.. till the last person from our generation.. With..

.. A strong believe in YOU – ALLAH..

.. Knowledge..





… Understandings..

… Lawful wealth..

… A pure heart.. A heart free from jealous, evil, hatred, bitterness, and evil whispers..

.. Expand our breast with love..

… Open for us the doors of provisions, light, knowledge, wisdom, blessings, respect, opportunities…

.. Make our character the best of mankind..

… Bless us with knowledge and wisdom that you never gave to anyone before..

.. Bless us with a pleasant personality..

… A voice that is beautiful..

… A mind which is aware..

… A tongue which is truthful..

… A heart that is trustworthy..

… Hands which always raise for help..

… Legs that always walk in the path of truth..

.. eyes that always sees the best in people..

..ears that always listen with peace and patience..

.. Love which is out of respect..

.. And make us of those who believe In every single messenger who propagated the message of truth.. and the oneness of GOD..

.. Create love in our heart for Islam(Peace) and our beloved Last and final prophet sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)..

Ya Allah.. We are satisfied with you, with all the conditions and situations we are in, with our families, friends, neighbours.. with our strengths and weaknesses..

Ya Allah please accept our broken worship and make us among the righteous, and firm believers and the doer of good..


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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