The last year of my College…

… For years have passed, and I have restricted myself from the ever-lasting fun and dance…

… They enjoy the days, and the moments without thinking too much..

…. For I have always searched for meaning in the meaningless talks..

… and I have took a corner when the dance floor was ready as ever..

…. I know I have not lived my college life..

…. Because all I did was lived by the routine with my childhood pattern feeded inside..

… Isn’t that true Abdul, You observed the truth and learned how to tackle the fabricated lies..

… Yes, It’s my last year of college.. and I know this are the moments I will remember my upcoming life..

SO NOW.. I Choose to..

.. Break the norms..

… Go to college and spend time in library..

… Participate in college society that will enhance my skills..

… Enroll myself in placement to have knowledge of the corporate world..

…. To uplift those who are in search of upliftment…

…. feel home at college, and make place in the heart of teachers willingly..

…. Spend time with people who value your time..

…. Have lunch together with people you know well..

…. Feel grateful for the remaining days, and embrace the past days – Instead of regrets..

…. Build a name of trust and honour before receiving the degree with honour..

…. Create an impact where I know my value more than anyone else…

….. Burn from within, with the fire that encourages the spirit to pursue the vision of my life…

…. To spend my last year of college that I will smile at, cherish the memories, love the feelings, and will replay it in my mind without guilt..

…. Yes, I want to “BE”… What I have never “Being” for that I need to “BE” in the state of “Being”…

#College life

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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