For I have a sister…

… I know when she smile she has a strong reason to share with me behind..

…. When i look at her face I see the innocence lying in her eyes..

…. She thinks no one understand her.. But when she converse with me – she feels safe and accepted for the hidden personality she hides from the world that tries to suppress her innocent child..

….. I met her today.. Once again after a while.. ! But days seems shorter.. and the moments passing by…

…. I don’t wish anything more, because now I have sisters who accepts me as brother even though they know the childish personality which the world do not see in my eyes…


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

11 thoughts on “For I have a sister…

    1. Then you might be blessed with a brother… ! Or maybe you are even more blessed.. to be alone.! Because GOD have a purpose for all things.. ! And you are here for a reason.. YOU are blessed for u made it into this world.. ! Fighting billions before birth 😊


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