Can you even smile?

Look at the world. Tell me what you see.

You see billionaires. You see celebrities. You see entrepreneurs. You see success. You see the money. You see cool cars. You see luxury. You see fame. You see trends. You see confidence. You see failure.

Here’s what you don’t see.

You don’t see happiness. You don’t see nature. You don’t see freedom. You don’t see peace. You don’t see… Balance… (Click to read the full masterpiece –> Can YOu)

This is something I couldn’t resist sharing..

#Blogger I love..

5 thoughts on “Can you even smile?

  1. One trillion heavens!!!!!!! How did I find this out so late? One trillion thank-yous. This is my very first time somebody has done something like this for me in the blogging world. You, Abdul, are an angelic soul.

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    1. Dear Vitek,

      The one who deserves, and are worth sharing.. I will never ever hesitate to share.. !.. I am on a journey to learn and I am sure.. There are many great people like you out there who will teach me things I am searching for..

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