Can you even smile?

Look at the world. Tell me what you see.

You see billionaires. You see celebrities. You see entrepreneurs. You see success. You see the money. You see cool cars. You see luxury. You see fame. You see trends. You see confidence. You see failure.

Here’s what you don’t see.

You don’t see happiness. You don’t see nature. You don’t see freedom. You don’t see peace. You don’t see… Balance… (Click to read the full masterpiece –> Can YOu)

This is something I couldn’t resist sharing..

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Are you happy? questioned my inner-child..

With a sickness in my heart, and an ill-ness in my mind…

I looked at the world, with a mournful cry..

You are an evil they said, pushing me aside from the dreams I held near to my heart, through whose strength I used to shine..

My life became dull when I heard their cry, they were copying each other in the creative step I call Life..

They curse me because, I see the world in an awaken state, so I am aware of all those great lies…

When I tell them to wake-up from the sleep of confusion, they ask me for my identity, which I hide..

What are you afraid of Abdul? the child within me asked with an enthusiastic smile..

What made you smile? Oh dear child, don’t you see the humans unaware of their true identity, living like an animal left alone in the wild..

Stop that Abdul, the little child cried. First Help me out, to get out of your life..

Aren’t you happy living inside my heart? O dear child. Rarely anyone gets entry here, So what is – with this cry?

Look at you Abdul, Are you living your life? What’s the use of this awareness, where you don’t value your today, and judge others lives..

I cried out hard, with all the suppression I kept buried inside..

There was peace, Believe me oh my friend, just express your emotions that are burning inside.

The child was me, talking to myself.. I wish everyone can – connect to their inner-child..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

We are Students, But Teachers ❤

“There lies a pool of knowledge in the heart of teacher, But only the disciplined child can achieve it”

Being a teacher, comes with a responsibility – A responsibility to propagate knowledge, Learning, and building interest in the life of students so that, they can know who they are and what their passion are.

Not All students are the same, Some are passionate about knowledge while some are interested in other activities. Such as Painting, Public Speaking, sing, dancing etc.

We are also Students, We also have teachers. Till the last breath until we die – We all are students. But the Students who gets successful in life are those who listen to the guidance of their teacher, and respect them from their heart.

Respect does not mean you fear someone, but it means to value that individual for the gift Allah(Almighty God) has given them. Once we grow-up there will be time when you will be asking..
“Ya Allah, I am stuck – I need a teacher” remember have patience and look around there is also a teacher nearby…

My Journey of X years in this school would have not been possible if i did not had support of Our Principal. There were times when i was harsh with other, But only if they knew it was for their betterment.
I Apologize, If i had hurt anyone – And i forgive Every one who hurted me…

Students this is a beautiful life, Feel it, Love it, and experience it.. No-one gets a chance to visit school after they pass from here. So enjoy this days, and value each and every teachers lesson..

Thank You !!!

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Father – That’s you ?

“This is not my son, but I found him there” – Aaron said.

“But the way he is attached to you – Seems like you are his father, tell us the truth !” – The Investigation officer questioned.

Sometime in search of happiness we take steps, which lead us to the wrong path, but the path Aaron choose was different..

That’s what happened with Aaron.

I knew Aaron from my childhood days, We spent half of our times together, so i know him pretty well.

It was the last day of our graduation period, and we planned to visit a bar in the following night.

Aaron came from a Christian orthodox family, He was very sincere with his prayer timings, and was considered the most innocent person in our friend circle. He had a dream, a dream different from others, he wanted to be fire-fighter. Because he believed – “Saving One person is equal to saving his whole generation”..

We used to laugh at him, whenever he discussed his dream with us..

Fire-Fighter ?? – Hahaha ”

As i said, he was sincere and innocent, he backed-up from the bar plan. But we wanted him to come with us, so we convinced his parents and told them we were staying out for Fun – And we aren’t going to do anything wrong.

They trusted us, and allowed him to join..


“Jeezi don’t force me, JEEZI” – Aaron said to me in a low tune, when i tried to force him to drink.

“Aaron, Just a little amount- Aaron”

NO, I Won’t – Never. I won’t stop you from drinking but i won’t drink”

We drank a lot, but he did not – He was committed to his faith.

When we were done, i remember vividly, We were not able to walk, and we were shouting like crazy guys on the street..

Aaron will you drive for us” – I asked.

“Ok” – He agreed, while seeing in our eyes he knew, we won’t be able to drive.

On the way, we stopped by a shop and got ourselves some cigarettes and chips.. But there was some strange feeling at that place, it smelt like something was on fire..

“Hurry up – Jezzi, Fast – Come on guys, look at your back, the building is on fire – RUN – RUN – RUN” – Aaron shouted loudly, and waved his hand.

We ran towards the car, and moved forward.. but just 5 min away, Aaron got down from the car and ran towards that building… We were speechless of what we see..

Is he gone mad ? Call him back ” – I shouted to my friends, but we were so low that we couldn’t speak up.

He ran to the shop, bought 3 big water bottle, And he poured one on himself, and the other two he took to the building..

“This is my dream, this is my chance – I can do it, And i know that, I have that courage..”

Out of this three Bottle, i need to pour one on me so that my body do not get on fire, because my clothes are wet… and the other two bottles- I am going to carry this, and will give to the one who survived in there..

Why are this people standing outside, and taking videos on their phones, Why don’t they help the one inside“. This was constantly running in my mind, i took my phone, call the fire-fighter, and ran into the building.

“For a second i lost all the courage when i saw people burning down in-front of my eyes, but i was aware of my dream, and tried to rescue them but it was too late..

On the second floor, i heard a voice of a woman,

“It’s a dreams baby, nothing is going to happen, mummy is here, It’s all a dream – Sleep”

It’s a dream ? what is she saying ? people are dying inside the building and she says it’s a dream ?

“I broke open the door, and found a Girl, (The most beautiful girl i ever saw) next to her was a child of 4 years.. I ran and give her the two bottles, She took a blanket, and pour the water over it.. And she spread open the blanket, wrapped up herself and the child.. And we ran towards the exit..

But due to the smoke, produced by the fire, the view was not clear.. there was a stand lying in between, and she fell off .. the blanket was no more on her, and she got some severe burns, but we survived…

Who is the child and girl with him ? “ – I exclaimed.

“Hmm – The fire-fighter is here with a child and a lady – Hahahah” – They replied.

And came running to us, said us to get out of the car, and drove them to hospital ..

The sad news was, he couldn’t save the girl but the child survived.

Next day, When we regained our senses back – We were disappointed by ourselves, We could have save someone’s life, if we were not drunk…

Aaron took the responsibility of the child, he treated him like his own son.. On Leo’s (The Child) 9 birthday, there was a call on the door. It was the investigation officer.

“Aaron come with us, we have some questions for you” – He said.


Five years ago, there was a fire tragedy where almost 28 people died, but only one child survive, There was a Brave man who saved him – Do you know that man ?

Aaron Smiled, Yes – I was the one who saved him, and he is my son now..

“This is not my son, but i found him there” – Aaron said.

“But the way he is attached to you – Seems like you are his father, tell us the truth ! – The Investigation officer questioned.

“Some stories are unsaid, Because it matters to the one who lived the story”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi