With a sickness in my heart, and an ill-ness in my mind…

I looked at the world, with a mournful cry..

You are an evil they said, pushing me aside from the dreams I held near to my heart, through whose strength I used to shine..

My life became dull when I heard their cry, they were copying each other in the creative step I call Life..

They curse me because, I see the world in an awaken state, so I am aware of all those great lies…

When I tell them to wake-up from the sleep of confusion, they ask me for my identity, which I hide..

What are you afraid of Abdul? the child within me asked with an enthusiastic smile..

What made you smile? Oh dear child, don’t you see the humans unaware of their true identity, living like an animal left alone in the wild..

Stop that Abdul, the little child cried. First Help me out, to get out of your life..

Aren’t you happy living inside my heart? O dear child. Rarely anyone gets entry here, So what is – with this cry?

Look at you Abdul, Are you living your life? What’s the use of this awareness, where you don’t value your today, and judge others lives..

I cried out hard, with all the suppression I kept buried inside..

There was peace, Believe me oh my friend, just express your emotions that are burning inside.

The child was me, talking to myself.. I wish everyone can – connect to their inner-child..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi